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February 5th, and February 6th, 1998

I always believed in you, and I sincerely hope you can make enough money for your old age doing what you like to do best--skate. Don't ever give up and never stop believing in yourself. You are beautiful and not afraid to be who you are. The world can forgive certain people, but they sure don't want to forgive you, but have faith in yourself and go forward with your life.

God Bless You!

Mary Fowler
Seattle, WA

Let's see...Bill Clinton gropes a 21-year old intern, has sexual relations with her, commits perjury, sticks out his lower lip and lies right in the face of the American people and 99% of us give him the highest job approval rating in years. Tonya Harding is indirectly involved in whacking someone in the knee and is condemned to a life of hatred and damnation by those very same people. Four years have passed and Kerrigan is still whining and blubbering about it. Did she accept Harding's apology? Doesn't look like it, now does it? Don't wait for the World's approval, Tonya. Live your life to it's fullest and remember, we still love you. -Kevin Sneed
Saw the program tonight and I believe she's been through enough. Everyone goes through rough times in life and its time she's allowed to get on with her life. Here's to a classy lady that I wish only the best.


Still the fact remains, Tonya was the ONLY female to do a triple axle. They showed the video clip during the show this evening. Following the video various skating personalities openly admitted she would have won the gold if she practiced. They sited her physical abilities were far beyond any of her competitors.
HELLO TONYA, My thoughts are with you tonight,feb. 5th, 1998. After seeing the show, and you having the guts that you have, I could not believe Nancy being the lady she says she is with the new baby, could not find FORGIVNESS in her heart. There are things in life thats just not fair! I believe in my heart that you are telling the truth deep down, and I hope that you will be able to live life in an normal way, nobody desearves to be treated unfair, but you know tonya theres alot of unfair people and thats the way life will always be. Tonya I wish you the best in life itself and never give up the HOPE and Life of Skating. You are still the greatest in my book!

Thanks for your time, and the time you gave me, I would really like to hear your thoughts.



To whom it may concern; The eyes are the window to the soul, Kerrigan's full of crap. She didn't look J. B. in the eyes once, Harding did.
If you can get this about Tonya, I would like to tell her I believe in her, and hope she can get on with her life. I think she should be able to skate professionaly. She is a wonderful skater! Again if you can please get this message to her some how...Thank you, Eddie Stone (a true ice skateing fan).
It's about time that there is a Tonya Harding Web site. I have always been a fan of hers since her career started and believed she was innoncent. Probably the only one around that did and still does. My friends used to try to put a good argument going to make me believe she's guilty but, never changed my decision. After watching Fox's tonight I really missed watching Tonya skate and till this day believe in her that she was robbed on what could of been a hell of a career. To me personally she's the best skater out there. Tonya's got alot of guts thats what i like about her talent. The world doesn't know what a great loss to the sport of figure skating suffered when banned her for life. I truly hope for Tonya is that she finds the happiness she deserves. I truly miss seeing her preform. You'rs truly, Cheryl From Northern Wisconsin
I think it's about time someone did this. I have always been a huge fan of Tonya's since she started and believe the world wrongly judged her. Thanks for making us fans of Tonya still be able to keep the memory. I watched fox tonight and I really miss seeing her preform the girls got guts. Thankx again for the web site. Cheryl Northern Wisconsin
Hello, I'm not sure that you can get anything about Tonya Harding, but if you can, please tell her that someone in Texas hopes that she can someday find herself past all the negatives and begin to again share her talents with the public.

I just saw her appearance on a FOX television special where she was face-to-face with (what's-her-name). Personally, I believe that Tonya is beautiful inside and out...and she is very talented. I believe her story and feel that the media, public, and the skating community are being very unfair. If she came here to skate, I'd pay to see her!

In case you're wondering, I'm really a straight up kind of guy. I hold a senior-level position working for the Air Force as a civil servant. I'm 36 and a single parent.

Anyhow, I just wanted to try and get her a message so she knows that there are people around that like her and think she is sincere. I wish her all the best!!!

Chris Davis

Aside from all the media crap and everything that most of the public sees as interesting, this lady had a beauty on ice that I miss. She is one of the few skaters that used her hands with grace and beauty throughout her routines. Her elegant use of her hands brought a fluid continuity to her skating that many skaters never attain. Come on people, this lady could skate. To hell with all the dirt already.
It's a shame some stuff happens in some peoples' lives. I'm not a skating fan per se, but I liked then and now Ms. Harding. There was something I saw as a non fan that made me want to watch. I found myself wanting her to do the impossible stuff on the ice, just because I was sure she could.

I'm not much of a fan mail writer, but I sure wish I could meet her. I hope she does well in the future, and all my hopes are with her.

Good Luck Kiddo

A Fan

Yeah, i would like to know if any of the professionals we see skating on those numerous and foolish competitions have personally thanked tonya for catapulting their otherwise finished careers
HI Tonya I just want to tell I hope you kick that uptight , cheating with her coach , bitchs ass. Please excuse my language. I just cant stand arragent people. We all make bad dissions from time to time but at least you were,nt commiting adultry . I did see your honey moon video it was nothing for you to be ashamed of. Your a rock and I wish you all the luck in the world. I,m on AOL here is my address . I live north of seattle. Good luck your fan JOHN
Tonya made Nancy Kerrigan, without that psyco husband of Tonya , nobody would of know who Nancy was. I truly was rooting for Tonya only because her whole life was on the verge of disaster. There was no way she could of been mentally ready for the Olympics after all what the media put her through. I really think that if that hadn't happened it would of been a very boring olympics. Tonya has already paid the price and should be left alone. The T.V. people made alot of money on that whole ordeal.(on Tonyas exspense). Hopefully some day I can meet Tonya and thank her for making those Olympics so interesting. Fortunally ,in my line of work I get to meet alot of great athelets so maybe we will meet. Tonya,keep your head up because you are still loved by some and your FAMOUS!
Great site! Gives a good picture of the "other side". Tired also of hearing of poor Nancy...she needs to grow up and get over it ....grudges held to long can indeed become worse than the actual event....Somehow the event put her upon a higher her own eyes...gave her a bad case of the poor me syndrome....Tonya would be someone I would like to meet in she is very basic and down to earth....actually has feelings and not afraid to express them...What a wonderful, refreshing change!!!


Dear Tonya, You have a lot of class to ask Nancy for forgiveness and to extend the olive branch. I am proud to be one of your fans!!!!
A while back, I heard news reports that Tonya made a conversion to Christianity. Do you have any sources that can verify this? I will be looking forward to a response. Thank you very much.


Dear Tanya,

I am a big fan of yours. I am trying to get a personalized autographed picture of you. How do I go about it??

Is there some place I could write?

Will you be in the Phila area soon, I would love to meet you. I think you are a very classy lady & a great skater! (and cute too!)

Thank you,

I am watching the Fox special, and Tonya is still a GREAT skater! I miss having her in the positive public spotlight. I hope that this will help her in all the ways that she hopes it will. I am interested in what Tonya has been up to recently if anyone knows. I have posted messages on usenet in alt.tonya-harding, but it seems that I am the only one that has been doing so. Best of luck Tonya!! John (
love you and wish you the best tonya you are number one with my family
Tonyas a hell of a lot more interesting than that whining insufferable Nancy Kerrigan. Are we ever sick of that priss Kerrigan. !!!!
How come Mike Tyson was CONVICTED of raping a woman, SENT TO PRISON...yet, he gets to resume his career? And...What about all of the professional baseball, football and basketball players who are always being arrested for various alcohol and/or drug and/or sex crimes? Are they banned for life from their respective sports? Or ostrasized by society as a whole? No. Of course not. They are held up as role models. Guess one needs 'nads in a sac to get away with anything in the good 'ol States! Welcome to The USA! Tonya is really the victim of 1) sexism and 2) classism. Tonya Harding's life would have been alot more positive if she had had a support system.

PS I thought Kerrigan's behavior when she lost the gold to Baiul in '94 pretty telling as to her real character.

I don't care what anyone says about you.......You'll always just be trailer trash to me. You would do well in Iraq. Mayby you could stake for SO-DAMN- INSANE. You and him share about the same live values sense of right and wrong. Other than that, I'm sure Walmart will be hiring soon. You could be there BIG attraction. Well anyway good luck in life to you........NOT!!!!!! ( and thanks for embarrasing the entire country in front of the world).
Take your 100,000 one dollar bills and slide back under that rock that you belong under. You are pure trash (has nothing to do with the Nancy HIT). It is obvious!
Tonya, you`re a wonderful skater and I believe in you. I am happy that you never gave up your dream to skate. Good luck and keep your faith in yourself!

:) Best wishes,

Tonya; I wish to say that you should be forgiven for past mistakes; and given a chance to skate again. I've always admired your strength during all this; and wish you well! Take care; Brad
I just wanted to offer you my support in establishing a presence for Tonya Harding in your website. I agree with you 100% many people including myself don't know the real Tonya and therefore we shouldn't pass judgement.

I would love to meet Tonya just to say that I have never disrespected her and neither has my wife. She would always be welcomed in our home if ever she wanted to visit Canada. Please pass along this message to Ms. Harding if you can. Thanks again and congratulations on an excellent website! Please visit my website if you want to learn who I am.

http// TONYA: Keep your head held high and live for today for tommorow's not here and yesterday is gone!

Luc K. Levesque
-- "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds" -Bob Marley (Redemption Song)

I have forgiven Tonya,and I feel that the genuine Creeps who were incarcerated for the attack on Nancy Kerrigan,were the driving force behind the whole sordid caper. I never get involved in internet chatter;however,I must admit my particular fondness for the petite blonde honey known has Tonya Harding.I'm sick of all the mean jokes,and negative imagery of Tonya.No,I don't know Tonya,but it would be my extreme pleasure. Sincerley, Manuel Trevino
I really miss being able to watch you skate, you really did kick butt! And I mean that positively, no matter what they do to you, they cannot keep you and your first female triple axel out of the record books. As far as that whiny brat Nancy, why didn't they go for the mouth instead of the knee? That woman needs some serious dental work. Is she related to Mr. Ed? I hope you will be permitted to skate again soon, because the first time you come to Indy I will be there cheering you on. Best of luck to you and hope you get the best out of the rest of your life.

I just wanted to pass along to you that I live in the next town over from NK and frankly can't stand her "pissed off" attitude all the time and her "sour puss" expressions. I have a friend who tried talking to her once and she snubbed her nose at him. Although I don't condone what happened four years ago, I still enjoyed your skating much more instead of what's her name. I don't like even saying her name if you can believe it! I wish you all the luck and like any other guy (if I weren't married) would jump at the chance to meet you. You're a FOX! Take care and good luck in the future. - Kevin

Hi Tonya, Haven't watched the show yet, but I hope Nancy looks like the sissy wimp she truly is. Hope to see you back on the ice in a public arena. You definitely were a more talented skater ....... something that $ & status could never get her. I would not go to one of her shows if they paid me! Best of luck in whatever direction your future leads.
I'm going to record the interview tonight! I've seen the promos and become interested again because, frankly, I've seen few women as beautiful as Tonya. Are those contacts? Her eyes didn't look that blue before.

I'd love to see more of her because she's just so damned gorgeous! Wish I lived in Portland.


I have always admired your skating and strength on the ice. I would like you to know that I support you in all that you do and please don't change the way you are! Best of luck in all future endeavors.


Just a short note to let you know that I personally miss seeing you on the ice. You are the type of skater that makes other skaters wince in their shoes (especially during a competition). Too bad about your ameteur career, however, 2 national championships and a medal at the 1991 world's speaks volumes. Don't give up.

A sincere fan.

I just discovered this site, and am delighted that it exists. Bravo! I truly miss seeing Tonya skate. Her energy and new approach to the sport was such a joy to watch. I think that if she were competing in this year's Olympics, the gold would be hers. I like Michelle very much, and think Nicole is delightful (don't care for Tara, though), but their skill level just doesn't compare about Tonya. I'm glad Tonya made some money from the Fox interview. However, I don't think I can stand to watch the program. I find Nancy Kerrigan totally annoying, and always did. I think her talent is mediocre and the only reason she prevailed was because she had a certain social standing and her mother was blind. (Neither of which has anything to do with skating ability.) My real problem was (and still is) with the judges. And, I suspect that Tonya won't have a chance in this Fox "competition" either. I hope I'm wrong. My wish is that this program will somehow enable Tonya to get back into skating, hopefully professionally, in the near future. Hang in there, Tonya. Obviously, a lot of people are on your side.
I must convey my appreciation on another fine article blasting the members of the 'Keep Tonya Out Of My Sight Club'. You always seem to have a way of bringing things 'Back Into Perspective'. Business is picking up again on this side of the world as spring nears, and we will be looking for a smart, intelligent, witty, as well as beatiful individual such as Tonya to spearhead an advertising program based on an 'on-time principle'...Thanks again

Tim May
Ops Manager
Excalibur Express

A very revealing piece of yours. That reporter's column would have been so much richer and shown so much more depth had she understood a little of what you were trying to get across. Alas, it is easier to tell the public what they want to hear, rather than what they should hear.

Be Seeing You,


Tonya, stay strong, I know you have been through a lot these part four years. You're a strong woman and all these people throwing stones at you I bet could not take the heat if the shoe was on the other foot. You have been through hell, and yes it is partly your fault but you have been treated unfairly by the media and others and yet you are still standing. Things will get better for you just stay strong. I haven't seen your movie yet but I will. Stay strong and call me sometime, my name is Ron, area code (313) 958-2158 or (313) 596-1001 Take Care, Ron
From what has been reported about this interview, the court of public opinion may be shifting about Tonya. And I for one hope so! There are so many of us out there that strive everday to get to the "next level". Yet so many above us seek to step on our heads and keep us down. Tonya gave us hope that we too can fight and win . Forget yesterday. its over. Let us concentrate on tomorrow!
This male over 50 personally feels that she is a wonderful person that was missguided and deserves the best there is. I would be proud to know her. I also beleave that she is an outstanding skater.
We have a morning show on the North coast of Oregon....Seaside. We would love to have Tonya on the show, all lighthearted humor nothing serious. We brodcast from 7-11 every weekday. Our main goal is fun, fun, fun.

Phone: (503) 738-6002 Mark Anthony Program Director

Here in San Jose, we refer to Kerrigan as the snow plow for her amazing ability to clear the ice. She's done it every time she's been here. She took out about 30 feet last time. Her performances with "Stars on Ice" and the others have been pretty dull. Thank goodness there is other talent in the troupe to give it life.

The truly sad part of "Skategate", is that the one with the real talent took the hardest hit. It has been our loss and the world's loss not to be able to see Tonya skate Had she been allowed to progress, she would have brought fresh energy and insperation to an overly dainty sport. The men are the advancing talent of skating today: the women are still in the same old routines. Tonya could have changed that.


As I watched Horse Face (Kerrigan) in the interview, I remembered why I couldn't stand her. She is so self righteous. Nevermind the fact that her husband divorced his wife to marry her.

That aside, I have always enjoyed watching Tonya skate. I can't imagine that she felt so insecure that she was involved in the scheme. When the interviewer told her that some discussions included killing Nancy, you could have knocked Tonya over with a feather. I truly believe that she had no idea what was going on.

What I wonder is what she does now. What kind of career does she have in mind for the future? Whatever it is, I believe she can do whatever she sets her mind to. To Tonya -- I believe [in] you.

Tara B