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Standard Message #: 763
From: Brickwall,  38 yrs
Date: Friday, November 22, 2002 @4:03 PM pacific time

I hate when the tabloids trash my favourite skater my beloved Tonya Harding. My family was not rich either and my dad worked every job he could work to earn enough to put food on the table a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs. The media has a way of putting a dark cloud over Tonyas pretty head guess they are jealous that she is so much prettier than Nancy who looks like a cross between a beaver and a weasel. In days where athletes are given second third and more chances for worse offences Tonya is forever banished from something that she loves so dearly. The United Figure Skating Association should be ashamed of themselves for not letting Tonya skate and to at least make a living at what she is truly good at. But Tonya is the girl from the wrong side of the tracks the girl who grew up in a trailer and the girl that had to get her clothes from goodwill. I myself once lived in a trailer does that make me a bad person or my neighbours. I have seen worse shacks that were a whole lot worse off than trailer life ever was at least my trailer had running water and flush toilets. Tonya does not have to say sorry to anybody just because she was poor growing up a lot of people are.

Keep on rockin Tonya


You will always be in my heart!

Standard Message #: 762
Subject: Tanya is the BEST!!!!!!
From: Gork5000BC,  43 yrs
Date: Thursday, November 21, 2002 @9:29 AM pacific time

I believe on a scale of 1 to 10 that Tonya is definitely an 11. I admire her courage and her outspokeness. As others have said I too am very attracted to her. I would give anything to meet her and talk with her. She is a very interesting person who I am sure I could spend days weeks months getting to know. She is not only beautiful but so extremely talented. She could have won the gold in the Olympics easily. It is too bad that she wasnt given that chance. Tonya I think you are a wonderful person and a joy to watch. All the best to you.

Love Michael

Standard Message #: 761
Subject: meeting a new friend
From: T-bone,  31 yrs
Date: Thursday, November 21, 2002 @12:57 AM pacific time

I am writing this message to say hello and hopefully meet a new friend. I was also wondering what else besided skating do you enjoy.

I wonder if you like county western dancing and I thought I would let you know that my favorite picture of you is the one were you are on the horse and wearing a cowboy hat. You make that hat look very good.

Anyway hopefully you will send me a message back. I would like to have a new friend to talk to spend time with and maby go dancing one day.

P.S dont get any weird thoughs about my nick name. I got it from my nephew when he was little because he had a hard time saying my real name.

Standard Message #: 760
Subject: You must be kidding
From: Dill Biller,  33 yrs
Date: Thursday, November 21, 2002 @12:05 AM pacific time

You have GOT to be shitting me. Whack me in the knee and hit me with a fucking hubcap skippy! In my fantasy you go to jail and get dildofucked by a large black woman.

Standard Message #: 759
Subject: friend
From: Steven Craig,  32 yrs
Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2002 @10:50 AM pacific time

Tonya I hope all is well.I wanted to send you a Thanksgiving day wish. I hope your holiday season is all you want and more. Im leaving for Universal Studios for that week and will be returning to Nashville on Dec.3rd. Your birthday was on the 12th of Nov. Well mine is the 27th so Ill be at a Pirate dinner show that night. Hey got an idea about how you could get back where you want to be.Im not sure if you currently have an agent or if youd completely given up on the whole concept of being out therebut Ive got a bunch of different ideas that may help.First thing you should do is build a new fan baseJust throwing it out.You should answer your emails to those who may appear worth while.Soooo you should reply back.You are very talented and you were born for greatness.Second we all like to partybut the club scene gets old and leaves a person lonely.There is always time to party.We just cant let it get in the way of being focused.I know your a great skater and that you worked so hard to get there but these television gigs havent done your career or you much justice.Refocus!!!!God does have a plan for your ultimate sucess in happiness and love and money!!So be of good cheer through this holiday season.Your a work in progress!!

Happy Thanksgiving Your friend Steven Craig

Standard Message #: 758
Subject: Would like to get your number
From: Golf1969,  33 yrs
Date: Monday, November 18, 2002 @10:41 AM pacific time

Tonya I would like to ask you out but do not know how to start I am not strange I just seen you around town a few times and I think you are very pretty. I live in the Portland Metro area Ia m not some weird person like some of the people who right into your site. I am tall and I think I am pretty good looking so Ive been told. Well shit now what hope you get this and somehow maybe we can talk.

Standard Message #: 757
From: coloradoisbeautiful,  39 yrs
Date: Monday, November 18, 2002 @9:04 AM pacific time


Standard Message #: 756
Subject: Life goes on, Tonya
From: Jose,  28 yrs
Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 @8:39 PM pacific time

Tonya just like the subject says life goes on. OK so you are not perfect but then again who is No one is God but God itself. At least you try. Society in general can be cruel and unforgiving for what you did said thought etc. So who cares about society Not everyone is against you but for those who do nothing but bash you well you know where they can go! I say they need to get a life (mabye get laid too..haha). Please yourself and do what you do and dont pay attention to what your critics say. Their opinions should be as relevant as what you had for breafkast yesterday morning.

The point is is not how many times you fall but how many times you can GET UP. I support you and stand behind you. And being a bad girl has its advantages. lt;lt;wicked gringt;gt;

Whoever said you are an attractive woman was right on the money. You are. Great smile great body (booty too). But noo! you had to be up there and I am down in Florida so could you move down here so I can date and marry you have children and a house with the dreaded white picket fence Ha! I know it would too much to expect but I think Id faint if you Emailed me back. :)

Anyway chin up.

Standard Message #: 754
Subject: Friend
From: Steven Craig,  32 yrs
Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 @5:23 PM pacific time

Tonya I hope you had a great birthday!!!I pray your life will continue to improve.We sometimes cant understand why things happen to usbut youve continued fighting the good fight.I myself have performed for large audiences and have found myself very depressed when the ride was over.I have made bad love decisionsso I can relate.Ive read your Bio and I can relate to your childhood also.Ive had homes and lost them.I have never been through what you went throughbut Ive watch as youve gotten back up time and time again.I applaud you with a standing ovation for your continued efforts.Your still a damn great skater and when your alone and you get out on the icethere its all you.Im not an ice skaterbut I am pationate about my dreams.If you ever need a true friendwholl pray with you and someone you can trustjust let me know.I hate it when you trust people that end up decieving yousometimes right under our nose.I will be a true brother.I hope you continue to help the homeless.Sometimes I go downtown Nashville to Tootsies and end up outside talking to a homeless person.Sometimes just slip them some money while theyre passed outso I was extreamly impressed by your efforts.Therere still a few good people out heredamn few though.Im not a fanjust someone who feels you may need a true friend.Email me sometimebut dont wait too long.O.B.K.B. Recording Artist Steven Craig

Standard Message #: 753
Subject: Hi tonya
From: skatingfan,  22 yrs
Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 @6:39 PM pacific time

Tonya Ive always liked you. I just wish you would like yourself. I do not agree with all your decision but just hope you can find some peace in your life and do something you can be proud of.

Standard Message #: 752
Subject: Encouragement
From: Steven Craig,  32 yrs
Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 @5:55 PM pacific time

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!I hope you had a great day!!!The Lord will bless your works with the homeless. Thank you for helping them. Youve been unjustly judged for way too long. The media has tried to destroy you but your faith has helped you through. Keep up the good works. You will be exalted. Were all a work in progress. Steven Craig

Standard Message #: 751
Subject: Adoration
From: Scooty S.,  50 yrs
Date: Saturday, November 09, 2002 @8:12 PM pacific time

I have no idea why I waited so long to find your website and write you a letter. I am sure you must get 100s of these so mine will just be another one in your stack of admirers. I am just a regular guy I have played music my whole life and still that is all I do. Up at the crack of noon and all that. Rocknroll has been great to me. It has taken me all over the world and I have played some of the most bizarre and unforgetable gigs imaginable. Tonya I just adore you. Not in a stalking kind of way. Its just that I am wired a certain way and the wiring totally includesYOU. Your look your sweet face and terrific body. I follow as much of your life as I can. I am totally there for you. I support you 100%. I stick up for you when the crowd is mumbling. I just love you so much. If I ever get to Portland again I would love to buy you a beer and hang outYou are an amazing woman and again do what ever it is you are doing and to hell with them all!!! Love Scooty Mt View Ca.xoxoxoxoxo

Standard Message #: 750
Subject: your nice
From: john hutchison,  40 yrs
Date: Friday, November 08, 2002 @10:31 PM pacific time

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Standard Message #: 749
Subject: Desires are state of mind
From: Pj williams,  36 yrs
Date: Friday, November 08, 2002 @11:10 AM pacific time

Tonya searching needing wanting something warm mammoth and strong between her hard yet supple muscular legs.Shes a woman with needs desires yes I know their are alot of men that can fulfill her needs but tonya needs something a little bit from the norm something or someone hard yet soft someone with the same mentality as her.She needs a true male a black male with enormous possibilities and seductive ways I do want to support Tonya Harding in every sexual position thinkable.This story is true for the reader and is up to the parties that are reading to make their own conclusion it should be all wet when climaxed.

Standard Message #: 748
Subject: go girl
From: ambrosiastouch,  34 yrs
Date: Monday, November 04, 2002 @7:24 PM pacific time

Trailer trash of america supports you!!!.Kick the hotsauce guys ASS!!!!!!Take him for a fricking rollercoaster ridetake his housedog 3 wife for a slave..and her pots n pansok!! Hey if you come to Detroit..come on over for a real knock out ..bbq..local rink new huge..with really nice ice!

pamdeb frasard

Standard Message #: 747
Subject: Tanya we all miss you on the ice
From: CFH,  48 yrs
Date: Monday, November 04, 2002 @6:38 PM pacific time

Hi Tonya.. I loved watching you skate I think you have such smooth moves on the ice.. I have always thought you got the bad end of the incedent with Nancy..

I wish I could see you skate again it would be so neet..

I wish you some luck as I know you have had some bad luck lately.. dont look down look up you can hold your head up so you can hear and see whats coming your way..

A friend you never knew you had..

CFH Denver Colo

Standard Message #: 746
Subject: fishing
From: Dub B,  48 yrs
Date: Monday, November 04, 2002 @4:21 PM pacific time

I know you have had a rough time and this guy would like to bring some sunshine into your life. I am getting ready to retire and I love to fish. I would like to take you fishing on the Willamatte and Clackamas rivers. There is nothing like fishing with the Dubster!!!! If you are interested reply in this forum so we can go fishing!!!

Sincerely yours


Standard Message #: 745
From: DANIEL CLARK,  40 yrs
Date: Friday, November 01, 2002 @7:36 PM pacific time

Tonyadid you ever think about getting your own reality show like anna nicole smith or the oxbournes..youd make a fortune and the TV audience would just eat it up.following you all day a day at the rink etcwhat do you thinkget back to meI think it would be a hit. Thanks.daniel clark at

Standard Message #: 744
Subject: Advice for you, Tonya
From: Robert,  34 yrs
Date: Friday, November 01, 2002 @4:35 PM pacific time

Tonya youre gonna be ok. I think you need to simplify your life a little bit. I know youve got to make a living just like the rest of us but try to not make a buck at the expense of your pride. It may seem like you dont have a choice but you do. And you can pour yourself into skating and your family. Screw the community they dont give a crap about you and they can take care of themselves. You dont owe them anything you more than paid your debt. I really hope you get back with your boyfriend that you hit and maybe marry him. If you didnt already send him a personal gift that you know he likes a lot and tell him the truth about what happened and why you did what you did in a card. I dont know if the public reason you gave for why you hit him is true but you cant lie to him if you want him to come back. Ask him if there is anything you can do to make it up to him If he says no and is still angry offer some suggestions about how you can make it up to him and see if any of those things placate him. Let him know that he is loved and that you will do whatever it takes to not hurt him again. My wife kind of has a violent streak and I dont have a violent bone in my body. One time she bit the skin on my chest and held me there in anger. Later on she told me that she was so mad that she was thinking about moving her head back and forth with my skin in her teeth. She forgot that incident. But of course I havent. Anyway weve been together for 10 years and she has curbed her violent instincts almost completely. I wouldnt stay with her if she acted on her violence but these things can be forgiven if you stop the behavior and be honest. Finally as a fellow human I thank you for saving that one womans life by performing CPR on her I remember the news story sometimes the newspapers arent all bad. I just hate the rags that distort the truth and hound celebrities. I think what the media did to Richard Jewell is similar to what happened to you. And I think the media should be held accountable whether or not the subjects of their defamation are famous. best wishes to you and yours.

Standard Message #: 743 (Reply to message #739)
Subject: Understanding
From: Joel,  34 yrs
Date: Friday, November 01, 2002 @4:11 PM pacific time

1 Nov 02 Friday 7:15pm EST

I like Tonya Harding even though she messed up. I Think she has a good heart and at that moment she just mad a mistake like all people. We all make mistakes people!!! I think she has an awesome body and personality to got with it. I would like to date her if it was possible :). Tonya keep your head up my love.


Standard Message #: 742
Subject: tonya
From: max,  47 yrs
Date: Friday, November 01, 2002 @3:25 PM pacific time

i do understand tonya ! why she did what she did! but! I not understand the how she did what she others did! how she got off (no playpun intended!) so lightly! while the others did not!

i understand the fact that she wanted everyone to likelove her! the need for attention is and can be so great for a young girl growing up! that it does carry over into adulthood! i love tonya! but! I do not agree with what how she did what she did!

Standard Message #: 741
Subject: Hot Sauce
From: Greg's Secretary,  38 yrs
Date: Friday, November 01, 2002 @12:24 PM pacific time

Hey does anyone know where can I purchase Tonyas hot sauce!! My boss read an article about someone buying it all up a couple of years ago. He would like to purchase several cases of it. Let me know! Thanks.

Standard Message #: 739
Subject: Understanding
From: Mr Right,  34 yrs
Date: Monday, October 28, 2002 @11:58 AM pacific time

Tonya I understand the deep passionate feelings and turmoil that you must still struggle with today. I also was raised poor and had an abusive parent. The ripple effects carry on well into adulthood. I have a MA degree and have had success after college and I know that it doesnt paralyze you from being a successful person. You have had many successes but I know the internal burden you face every day. Congratulations on your courage. Look forward to hearing from you.:)

Standard Message #: 738
Subject: just a note
From: kay kay,  20 yrs
Date: Thursday, October 24, 2002 @7:06 PM pacific time

i hate tonya harding!!! nancy kerrigan is a beautifultalented skater.tonya harding is a white trashpoorlowwoman!!i belive what she did to nancy was out of jealousy because she was afraid nancy would beat her.I think if nancy would have competed she would of won!all of you people who think tonya is hot are crazy!!!she looks like a dog to me!!!

Standard Message #: 737
Subject: Tracking The Conspiracy...
From: Gard,  29 yrs
Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 @3:19 PM pacific time

Did anybody else notice how Nancy limped on the wrong leg Or that Tonyas punishment for simply being afraid to talk was just a tad harsh Back in 94 when Tonyas performance on the ice caught my attention only to be crushed through guilty by media I saw the most artistic expression on ice crushed by forces we rarely notice is there. It was at this point I learned to love figure skating but also hated it because Tonya wasnt there. I also learned how powerful and misleading media can be the tricks they use to sway your opinion even though the articles and arguments would be irrational. I started to write an article about it but because of a busy life I never got around to complete it. After a curious look at how is going I figure its time to complete it pull out those old dusty archives and set the record straight or at least my own theory of what really happened. I am glad to see Tonya back and I also hope she will return to Norway some day as well.

Standard Message #: 735
Subject: I think yu're great
From: morgan,  59 yrs
Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 @9:52 PM pacific time

Tonya I have wanted to contact you for a long time but I just recently got wired up to the internet. I think youre probably the best female skater to come along yet. What happened to you in the past was harsh and unfair. Whats happened to you since Lillehammer is questionable at best. We have all made mistakes and so have you but you remind me of my oldest daughtertough on the outside and soft as a kitten on the insideif I lived in Portland and my granddaughter wanted to take ice skating lessons I would seek you out to teach her. Hugs to you Tonyaand maybe someday we can meet. Im a grandmother and feel nothing but motherly instincts toward you. You can email me anytime if youd like. Id love to hear from you.

Standard Message #: 734
Subject: No one knows.
From: Joe Gladwell of Michigan,  33 yrs
Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 @8:33 PM pacific time

Despite the fact that you are clearly the most physically attractive celebrity out there at this point following is really what I want to say: (By the way nice triple axle in 1991! You really showed em! It helped inspire me to win a 2 mile race shortly thereafter.)

No one knows when heshe will die. It would be nice to think that we will all live 70 to 100 years but that is clearly not the reality of the situation. Alsothe world could end at any given moment marking the end of planet earth and marking Judgment Day an appointment we will ALL keep. (Even Tonya and Nancy and me too.)

Most of America believes that the key to making it to Heaven is to be a good citizen by American standards. However Matthew 7:13 14 plus verses 2123 paint a DRASTICALLY different picture.

I would like to say so much more but to sum this up THIS is what a person must do to see Heaven one day and remember Gods grace cannot be earned but it is conditional on obedience to the best of our ability.

1. HEAR the gospelRomans 10:17 2. BELIEVE that Jesus is the Saviour of the worldJohn 3:16 3. REPENT of ones sinsActs 17:30 4. CONFESS Jesus as Lord and Saviour of ones life Matthew 10:32 33. 5. BAPTISM by immersion in water for the forgiveness of sinsActs 2:3641. 6. FAITHFUL to the endRevelation 2:810.

Much love to you Tonya.Joe.

Standard Message #: 733
Subject: Get Personal
From: Redrgtp (Andy),  48 yrs
Date: Saturday, October 12, 2002 @7:40 PM pacific time

I live in Clanton Al.and always thought Tonya was beautifal and does something for me.And I would like to take her riding in my truck and get to know her.I think we would have a good time .We could go out to a dance club and just have a good time.Tonya get back to me.

Standard Message #: 732
Subject: talking to you without knowing you
From: nightscreamer,  52 yrs
Date: Saturday, October 12, 2002 @10:42 AM pacific time

hi tonya well I dont know if you ever seem me or met me but I grew up in the southeast side of portland. went to franklin hight school also marshell high. went to bob white theather on forster rd also ran around mt scott park alot. there was a pool hall across from bob white theather where I went to too I knew a lot of people in that area. also work at recos pizza polor at the corner of 63 and foster rd. anyway we all get in trouble one way or another I know been there but people can and do change I respect you for who you can be not for what you done. life is sometime hell but we all can make it better if we try. I think you can become a person that everyone will love again and most of all your life will be great and happy like you prey for. I wish I could talk to you in person abut our lives and what our goals are. your a great person and can and will become even a greater person then you think. anyway you got my email address so let me know if my jugement is wrong. take care and godbless you. your freind little john

Standard Message #: 731
Subject: escape
From: Lawrence,  40 yrs
Date: Thursday, October 10, 2002 @11:48 AM pacific time

Tonya leave all the madness behind run away with me and start a skate camp for kids life should be lived with people who accept love and want only good

things for you! I would sell my golden soul for chance to explore life with a woman of your beauty and wonder

Standard Message #: 729
Subject: i think tonya is soooooooo hot
From: bill nielsen,  22 yrs
Date: Wednesday, October 02, 2002 @9:24 PM pacific time

I think Tonya Harding is the most beautiful professional athlete of all time. I also think she got a raw deal. I would give anything to meet her because I think she is the greatest. I remember watching her in the Olympics when everyone else was watching that crybaby Kerigan. Oh well guess Ill never meet her but Tonya if you read this could you at least email me. It would be the best thing in my life.

Standard Message #: 728
Subject: thats terrible
From: yumyum1974,  27 yrs
Date: Tuesday, October 01, 2002 @8:06 PM pacific time

hi i just wanted to tell u that u should be very proud of yourself. you have been threw alot and done alot of great things. i saw your story on e tv and it made u look really bad which u r not bad person. leageal system screwed you over. i know u will get your life back. you are still a great athleete. bye now ken

Standard Message #: 723
Subject: pretty lady
From: Rick,  35 yrs
Date: Friday, October 06, 2000 @8:22 AM pacific time

She is a very pretty lady. Our we still on for Brew Ha Ha on Sat If so where do we want to meet and what time Paul I are taking light rail in so we can either meet at my house or at the festival Let me know what ya think Do You Yahoo! Yahoo! Photos 35mm Quality Prints Now Get 15 Free!

Standard Message #: 722
Subject: Tonya Harding
From: John Mckay,  32 yrs
Date: Friday, October 06, 2000 @7:51 AM pacific time

I was never a fan of Tonya Harding Until I heard about the controversey involving Nancy Kerrigan. Once I heard and saw all the news reports I became interested in Tonya Harding. I think she is an attractive girl with a great body and I would like to see her naked! I think she really blew her life away with all the trouble she has caused and can never redeem herself. Because of everything that has happened I now watch figure skating when it comes on to see what is going on.

Standard Message #: 721
Subject: tonya
From: reverend,  25 yrs
Date: Thursday, October 05, 2000 @10:22 AM pacific time

Tonya is hot. She should be in many mens magazines. I really really want to see her video of her honey moon. She is a pretty good skater she should be number one. I wonder what kind of skates she uses and if she has an endorsment. Anyway she is hot and I want to see her pictures now.

Standard Message #: 720
From: TONY BARTLETT,  33 yrs
Date: Wednesday, October 04, 2000 @10:44 PM pacific time

Tonya my name is Tony im 33 from Washington state I was talking too a coworker and told me you had a site. I am a roofer and we were talking as roofers do and we were talking about our dream date and that would be you you are all that !!

Standard Message #: 719
Subject: Skating
From: John,  23 yrs
Date: Wednesday, October 04, 2000 @2:52 PM pacific time

I think that Tonya harding is a very good skater and that she kinda got screwed over she would have easily been able to beat the competition by herself and I think its a shame what happened. Im sure that she would have won had it not been for the whole incident surrounding her.

Standard Message #: 718
Subject: female bodybuilding
From: matt S.,  35 yrs
Date: Wednesday, October 04, 2000 @2:42 PM pacific time

Dear Tonya

Have you ever considered getting into female bodybuilding You seem to have just the perfect genetics for it and youre kind of a popular personality in those circles anyway. Muscular women are the women of the futurebesides theres no great need for apologizing and Im sure youd make a cash cow doing the training posing or wrestling videos (many of those matches are kind of ed). Youd sure make a ton of male fans of female bodybuilding happyyou wouldnt even have to compete!

Just wondered what your thoughts were on that. If you have the time for a reply that would be awesome!

Thanks and best to you


Standard Message #: 717
Subject: Tayna Harding
From: John Skyler,  38 yrs
Date: Wednesday, October 04, 2000 @10:07 AM pacific time

I still like the way Tonya Harding skates. I would like to see more of her skate in either the Pros or exhibition. She has always been one of my favorite skaters. I would love too see more pictures posted of her skating. I have been following her career on and off for some time now. Good luck Tonya.

Standard Message #: 716
Subject: I think you are awesome
From: djay,  42 yrs
Date: Monday, October 02, 2000 @9:03 PM pacific time

Dear Tonya.I have read alot of the other perverted letters that you have recievedI guess that when you look as gorgeous as you do that you are always going to have that kind of problem.Yonya if you ever get a chance and you do come to Wisconsin I would definitely like the chance to show you a good time in the cheese capitol.No strings no perversions just an old fashioned no strings attached good time.I think that you need to get away from the everyday hum drum where everybody knows you.Here in wisconsin you can pretty much get lost and actually go places where nobody even knows who you areor nobody cares.If you are ever in the area feel free to Email meI would love to hear from you. Looking foreward to hearing from you djay.

Standard Message #: 715
Subject: Such a Shame
From: Allen Sherry,  18 yrs
Date: Monday, October 02, 2000 @7:28 AM pacific time

I think Tonya Harding had a lot of talent. She certainly had the look. She was much better looking then Nancy Kerrigan and certainly a much better figure skater. I think that the judges at the winter games were harsh on her and they were biased because of the whole

Standard Message #: 714
Subject: I think you are a good person
From: Michael,  28 yrs
Date: Sunday, October 01, 2000 @8:07 PM pacific time

Hello I want you to know that the punishment you received by being banned for life from skating was harsh. Why should you be banned because of an act you did not commit The individual that struck Nancy Kerrigan did not have to carry out that act. One thing not taken into consideration obviously was your age. I cant think of anyone with a lot of maturity in their early 20s. Im sure if you had went out and got high on drugs and solicited the services of a prostitute(Darryl Strawberry for example) you would have been sent to rehab and been given a 1 week suspension. Unfortunately thats how hypocritical this country has become. You demonstrated much poise and illustrated much regret about the 1994 incident. You are a very beautiful woman whos been taken advantage of by the clowns of the media circus. I am proud to say I am a fan of yours and I hope you may find the happiness you so richly deserve. Nobody deserves the cruel treatment you have received.

Standard Message #: 713
Subject: Nudes on Ice
From: Jerry Cantu,  40 yrs
Date: Sunday, October 01, 2000 @4:15 AM pacific time

I think that I speak for many that view your website in saying that nudity and iceskating is a perfect mix of two artforms. Have you considered making such a video or live performance The graceful moves of iceskating and the sensuous form of the female body would certainly immortalize the first iceskater to do this!


Standard Message #: 712
Subject: Why not ??
From: David Smith,  19 yrs
Date: Sunday, October 01, 2000 @1:47 AM pacific time

She may be a bad girl but is not bad gooooood!! She is pretty fit JARGON WATCH

batmobiling Putting up emotional shields from the retracting armor that covers the batmobile as in she started talking marriage and he started batmobiling

prairie dogging In companies where everyone has a cubicle something happens and everyone pops up to look

ribs n dick A budget with no fat as in weve got ribs n dick and were supposed to find 20K for memory upgrades

betamaxed When a technology is overtaken in the market by inferior but better marketed competition as in Microsoft betamaxed Apple right out of the market

Standard Message #: 711
Subject: tonya harding
From: paulmo,  49 yrs
Date: Friday, September 29, 2000 @12:34 AM pacific time

She is a beauty I wish I could meet her. I have liked her since the first time I saw her and think about her a lot. What a skater and what a woman. It is goo to see her life back on track and I hope she stays happy. It is very hard to be bought up rough See Springer

Standard Message #: 710
Subject: What's wrong with being white trash
From: Mike Oxard,  31 yrs
Date: Thursday, September 28, 2000 @8:42 AM pacific time

Many of the messages posted here refer to Tonya as white trash or trailer park trash like thats a bad thing. Well on behalf of white trash everywhere I just want to say that Id rather get whacked over the head with a hubcap by Tonya than have to spend an hour listening to Nancy Kerrigan whine about the poor service at Bloomingdales. Nancy comes off like the kind of chick that wouldnt give you the time of day (at least not without checking your credit rating first) but Tonyas a real person she drinks drives a pickup hangs out in the bar fights with her old man just like a real human being. Hell she even likes to fuck! Ill bet ol Nancy is so cold that when she opens her mouth a little light comes on inside. Tonya performs on video Nancy probably wont do it with the lights on.

Sure Tonyas made some poor choices in her life but who hasnt She seems to have taken all the bad publicity in stride pretty well I mean how many of you if the whole world got to see a video of you doing the nasty would even be able to show your face at work the next day Yeah she might be white trash but she obviously knows how to make the best of what shes got and not let the bad stuff get her down.

Personally Ive got the video and I think that Tonya is one of the hottest women Ive ever had the pleasure of seeing naked. Sure she doesnt have a perfect body but its the attitude she has that does it for me. When she takes off the wedding dress and poses for the camera with her hands on her hips wearing nothing but her white lace thong panties and a smirk thats what drives me wild. Im sure the real T.H. doesnt bother to read what losers like us think about her but just in case Tonya keep up the attitude and if anyone gives you any shit show em that sweet ass in those acid washed jeans and tell em to kiss it because white trash bitches rule!

Standard Message #: 708
Subject: Skating
From: Kevin,  21 yrs
Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 @10:53 AM pacific time

I loved watching you skate tonyayou were the best. It really is a shame that all that bad stuff happened because I know that you had the potential to win that gold medal. What are you doing with your life now Are you still skating Do you coach Who were your influences in skating while growing up What was the hardest move you ever hit How many hours a day did you used to practice

Standard Message #: 707
Subject: You
From: Gregory P Whitehouse,  38 yrs
Date: Monday, September 25, 2000 @7:50 PM pacific time

Hey Tonya how are you Hmmmmmmmmmmmm My eeeeeemail address reflects my dinosaur name. Your dinosaur name is Tonyaasaurus.. And here you didnt even know you had a dinosaur name. Oftentimes when Ive watched ice skaters perform on the ice Ive been absolutely amazed at the physical accomplishment taking place. Your dedication perserverience and personal sacrifice is absolutely amazing at least. It saddens me to see you in the negative limelight that the media is shining on you. I think at least for a while any time the media turns towards you it will be with a negative perspective. Screw em you are better off without them Well enough for now. You are a truely wonderful person I think you have a good attitude about yourself and life. I hope this brief message finds you well and anytime you need some positive input let me know Id love to share some with you. Sincerely Gregory P Whitewolf

Standard Message #: 706
Subject: Thanks
From: Jed Clampet,  41 yrs
Date: Monday, September 25, 2000 @10:56 AM pacific time

Thank you for the chance to view said material. It is of course wrong to have it available but we often dont do what right do we I have waited a long time to see this and I hope it was worth the wait. Thanks again. Oh 46 words I had better write some more. I had the same problem in school. Wish reminds me of a story

Standard Message #: 703
Subject: Good ole Tonya
From: Chris Campbell,  32 yrs
Date: Friday, September 22, 2000 @2:58 PM pacific time

Hi there

Now that a few years have passed since the Nancy kneecap this I think people have to realize that Tonya is still a true winner for achieving great things in skating. Her upbringing made her a great competitor which made her want to win at any cost. She is a pretty sexy babe also! At least she has some spunk!

Standard Message #: 700
Subject: seattle and skating
From: zane stice,  33 yrs
Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2000 @9:39 PM pacific time

Hi tonya hows life treating you fine I hopeIm writting this letter to find out if you ever come up to seattle to skate anywhere. I seen you on the news some time ago and it said something about you skating again.that is probably excelent for you Well if you can write me a line sometime .I would love to meet you sometime.

Standard Message #: 699
Subject: I want to take you out for a date
From: Mike,  39 yrs
Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2000 @6:06 AM pacific time

Email me Im in Portland and Im trustworthyIm really serious and feel we could be friends cause Ive been through alot of stuff myself and can relate to what youve been through.I hope you write me Im serious I think your so misuderstood that its just a shame of what theve done to you and I feel your a victim

Standard Message #: 698
Subject: Good Luck
From: mike,  43 yrs
Date: Monday, September 18, 2000 @9:41 PM pacific time

I must give you much credit for your persistance in striving for your goals under some difficult circumstances. I dont imagine you giving up. You must be one tough woman. I guess you must be to endure all of the training and ups and downs you must have experienced. Im sure well hear from you in apositive light soon. Keep up your persistance.

Standard Message #: 697
Subject: not much
From: sam,  29 yrs
Date: Monday, September 18, 2000 @3:01 PM pacific time

Just wanted to check out the pics so im writing this message. someone told me that she had this video out and I dont believe them so now I want to see it. I dont really like her so im not too surprised if there is a video of her out there.

Standard Message #: 696
Subject: support for tonya harding
From: Tom Clark,  49 yrs
Date: Sunday, September 17, 2000 @4:59 PM pacific time

I feel that tonya should be allowed to participate in the professional tours. We should forgive and forget shes a great skater and we are missing her in the prime of her life. Shes a wonderful athlete with grace style and power. We ice skating fans should not be denied seeing this marvelous athlete skate

Standard Message #: 694
Subject: I think your the most beauty i ever
From: REP.WILLIAM R. COTE,  41 yrs
Date: Saturday, September 16, 2000 @6:04 PM pacific time

TonyaYour the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. Ive always kepted up on every news and talk shows youve been on. I think no matter what people has said about you Ive always believed you.After I saw you on the Larry King Show I could not believe my eyes when I saw how more beautiful you have gotten. I also think your the most sexyest lady around. If you would like to email me feel free to do so. It would be a pleasure to talk to you via email.I also love that beautiful blond hair and those blue eyes you have. But feel free to email me anytime you want or need some one to talk to. Maybe someday you and I could meet. Well have to go for now but will write again real soon. Sincerely Rep. William R.Cote from the State of Maine

Standard Message #: 693
Subject: in the olympics
From: Jerry Behrmann,  18 yrs
Date: Friday, September 15, 2000 @11:27 AM pacific time

I think Tonyas incident in the Lilehammer Olympics was excusable in the regard that she spent so much of her life training for that very moment and it was probably the obsession of winning that drove her to do what she did. I think shes just another person in our society that is perhaps too driven to succeed; thats her excuse.

Standard Message #: 692
Subject: Skating on Mars
From: Jeff,  32 yrs
Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2000 @8:55 PM pacific time

I dreamed we were skating on the ice at the poles of mars. You twinkled and swirled like the snow queen. My eyes were diamonds for you. We longed to fly over thesolar system together but our space suits kept us imprisoned. There were celestial rainbows in the sky. Our hands joined as we watched the moons of mars rise over the red dust and twinkling ice.

Standard Message #: 686
Subject: Tonya's ass
From: Fred,  25 yrs
Date: Monday, July 31, 2000 @10:00 PM pacific time

Tonya is so damn hot I cant wait to see the pictures of her. She is the best figure skater of all time. I love everything about her I wish she was wrestling in the WWF or WCW so that I could see her on TV every week. This is the best site on the web.

Standard Message #: 685
Subject: Curiosity
From: Gruntus Le Flatulant,  32 yrs
Date: Sunday, July 30, 2000 @2:55 AM pacific time

It amazing where curiosity can lead you to. I probably dont have to much of an interset in the whole ice skating thing but the whole story interset me to no extent. I have no idea whta the whole story isbut I believe that if its on video then it really happened.

Standard Message #: 684
Subject: Tayna Harding
From: Carl Hensley,  38 yrs
Date: Saturday, July 29, 2000 @10:26 PM pacific time

A beauty like Tonya Harding an a stack body like hers an the talent she has skating she need to use to her advantage an KICKED Nancy ASS on the ice not had a blonde moment and screwed up I would take care of her PUSSY for her with my hard dick. I hope this is good enough to see the pictures.

Standard Message #: 683
Subject: Tonya nut kicks
From: Tony,  32 yrs
Date: Friday, July 28, 2000 @8:55 PM pacific time

Is it true Tonya Harding kicked her boyfriend right in the groin I heard in a newspaper article that she kneed her boyfriend right in the balls. Thats what I like about her she has a little attitude. I imagine with her strong skating legs a groin kick from Tonya harding is going to hurt really bad

Standard Message #: 681
Subject: Tonya
From: Mike,  25 yrs
Date: Saturday, July 22, 2000 @9:13 AM pacific time

I wonder what Tonya is doing for a career now. I always hear about her in the news but what is she actually doing. Does she work etc. Also whatever happened to her exhusband What were the charges that stemmed from the the kerrigan incident. It is probably hard to find a job after having such international notoriety.

Standard Message #: 679
Subject: Give her a break
From: Jim,  36 yrs
Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2000 @12:13 PM pacific time

TonyaYou go and do what ever you want to..The world looks at you like you owe them something. I think you are okay just trying to make ends meet. How is it that the whole world can do all these terrible things and people look the other way and we screw up once and there like wolfs chasing us until we give in or get smeared. Keep up the work and love that smile.


Standard Message #: 678
Subject: realllly bad
From: tommy jingles,  31 yrs
Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 @10:04 PM pacific time

first of all it wasnt that there was a tonya before there was a nancy but that there was one before none and the same exists in all men and women on the face of the earth because god is in the deatils god is the trinity atom and by simply taking a deep breath each of us can ourselves be closer to god.

Standard Message #: 677
Subject: Tonya
From: Andrew Zolski,  59 yrs
Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 @9:32 PM pacific time

Being an elderly gentleman I really hate to see a very good looking young person destroy their life. It was a shame that she did not use good judgement when she decided to remove her peer by force at the games. The video may or not be a promotional type of display but it may have hurt her career. A real loss to her fans. I wish her luck in the future and hope she keeps on the right path to achieve a good clean full life.

Standard Message #: 676
Subject: My opinion
From: Mike Miller,  31 yrs
Date: Monday, July 17, 2000 @2:53 PM pacific time

Tonya seems like a pretty cool girl who has had a run of bad luck. Its not easy being so close to fame or even being famous and have it all come crashing down around you. It would drive anyone down that extreme path that Tonya has chosen to follow. I wish nothing but the best for her. I know from the determined look in her eyes that she will overcome all barriers and have a normal life again someday.

Standard Message #: 675
Subject: Justice for Tonya
From: joe smith,  28 yrs
Date: Sunday, July 16, 2000 @7:32 PM pacific time

Tonya almost rose to the top of her sport through hard work and persistence until one bad judgement call ended it all! Hopefully Tonya has learned from her mistakes and decides to improve her future life decisions. She has paid the price for her errors as she has been subjected to public humiliation and to a realization she will nevr acheive her chilhood dream. It is time to forgive and forget as Tonya has many more years to hopefully lead a productive and meaningful life.

Standard Message #: 673
Subject: Misunderstanding Tonya
From: Manuel Trevino,  39 yrs
Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2000 @6:52 PM pacific time

First of allas a Football and Baseball GuyI never followed Figure Skating much;howeverI always loved to check out the scantly clad babes.In 1968 it was Peggy Flemingthen Dorthy Hamill and The Haircut.Tonya was different thoughunlike the traditional USA Women Skatersshe stood out. She skated with Power and had an awesome swagger.Memo to the Powers of The USA Skating Commitee.. Tonya Harding may have singlehandedly saved your tired actso stop treating her like a leperand figure out how to utilize her. My personal reasons for providing this message is simpleI think Tonya Harding is too too HOT!! I believe herand I am so tired of the negative Press assigned her.I wish she had never met Jeff Gol olieor any of his idiot pals.He was the one that was trying to insure her Olympic Gold Dream.He knew that the endorsement cash would be awesomeso he hatched that stupid Kerrigan attack.My too too hot reference was meant to describe Tonyas lookswhichwas my initial reason for paying any attention to her and Figureskating.She fills out her little outfits very well indeed.Since Im a leg and tushy guywell Tonya is sorta the ultimate canidate for my LegTushy Hall of Fame.FinallyThe eyes are the way into the souland Tonyas eyes show me a sweet and tender soulI know Im right tooPeace and Out!! From Corpus ChristiTexas ThanksManuel Trevino

Standard Message #: 672
Subject: Another Chance
From: Belle Morris,  48 yrs
Date: Sunday, July 09, 2000 @5:54 AM pacific time

I wish Tonya would get another chance.Mike Tyson tried to bite an ear offand was convicted of rape.Hes still fighting.And the basketball player that tried choking his coachis still playing.Whats wrong with this pictureShes not the one that whack Nancyshe just kept her mouth shut. Nancy is a spoiled BRATand I dont think she is a good role model.Tonya maybe if you were black you would still be in the game.

Standard Message #: 671
Subject: tonya
From: bob renyolds,  39 yrs
Date: Saturday, July 08, 2000 @11:56 AM pacific time

It is truly unfair in which the way tonya has been scrutinized over the years!now all she wants to do is do what she loves to do! in a country where dreams are possible! this persons dream has been taken away! ive seen people who have been involved in other situiations walk away without reprcussions!its time to let this human being do what she loves best and get on with her first love!!!!

Standard Message #: 670
Subject: All American
From: Drew,  28 yrs
Date: Saturday, July 08, 2000 @1:40 AM pacific time

She symbolized the girl next door prior to the attack on Nancy Kerrigan. After that fateful day she has come to symbolize the underacheiver who saw her own shortcomings every time she looked in the mirror. If only she had taken a closer look. The excitement that she representedshe was the new breed of skaternot affraid of taking risksnot affraid to try something no one else had ever dreamed possible. She was the physical representation of the spirit and soul of a young American longing to break free and live the way that they felt most comfortableno matter how much the corporations and the white collar communitee despised her.

Standard Message #: 667
Subject: tonya
From: John,  35 yrs
Date: Tuesday, July 04, 2000 @10:26 PM pacific time

Tonya is the Queen of Washington State what can you say about her Washington should be proud. Im sure someday they will erect a bronze statue of her outside some local bar where she is flinging a hubcap like the ancient greek discus(sp) thrower. Parents can bring their daughters to see the statue for inspiration then go inside for a few pitchers of beer and a fight.

Standard Message #: 666
Subject: Interesting
From: Alex,  36 yrs
Date: Tuesday, July 04, 2000 @12:33 AM pacific time

I find it hard to believe that this woman continues to run into trouble. After watching her on the news it reminded me of the whole sordid affair and how it kind of ties in with that Who Want to marry a millionaire woman. They both said they did not want all the publicity and that it was unwelcome an yet they continue to show up in the media for any variety of reasons. It caused me to start looking up her name and that is how I got to this site.

Standard Message #: 665
Subject: this is so dumb
From: Mike,  18 yrs
Date: Monday, July 03, 2000 @11:33 PM pacific time

Ok first I live in Vancouver. Ok you must really love attention because you seem to strive for it. You really must love it and I think that is so sad it must have been the way you grew up or something. You really need to see a shrink. Then you have some porn video on here which is really sick. Two words sum you up WHITE TRASH.

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