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Standard Message #: 1110
Subject: Where's my car
From: Just Jack,  40 yrs
Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 @12:23 PM pacific time

Someone should tell Tonya Harding to look in the Portland Auto Trader. The corvette she couldnt seem to find during her divorce with Jeff G. Is now for sale. Perhaps she might want it back. Its still in awsome condition.

Standard Message #: 1108
Subject: Better Times Ahead
From: The messenger,  33 yrs
Date: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 @7:54 AM pacific time

Hello.You know I think after viewing some of this website that maybe more than anything what Tonya really needs is just to hear that people in general do not hate her or and has it ever occured to anyone that she would benefit greatly from just having a true honest to goodness friend who wants nothing more than a friend in returnAs I viewed this site I noticed that most everyone wants to benefit somehow from Tonya and the sexual fantasy thing is also a bit much.How about just 2 friends sitting around talking and supporting each other with an open heart and mindSomebody that you can count on no matter what and a comfort level that is without question and non judgemental

How about somebody that would come running at the drop of a hat no matter what the circumstances.Tonya has tried very hard in her own way to make things better for herself and right or wrong it is up to her to decide if she has made poor choicesnot us.All we can and should do is support her in anyway we can.A true friend would do no less.Advice can come in all shapes and sizessome good and some bad but it is what we choose to do with that advice that matters most.There are ways to return Tonya to the spotlight that she deservesthat we all deserve in one way or anotherwithout selling your soul or your dignity.

We all have in some way a special talent or knack that we are good at or even great at so it is making the most of that talent that will get you going on the road to a happy and enjoyable life as well as finaical freedom but you must have the heart and strength to stick it out and Tonya has shown the strength but now she needs to show the world her heart.She has the ability and talent to reach a very comfortable lifestylewe just need to show her the wayI know the way and I truly believe she knows the way as well.You must never give up hopeno matter how bleak or hopless things might seem now.It is always darkest before the light and no matter how darkcold and hopeless things may seem now there is a way out.She has the heart and she has the desire but does she want itIn this world it always comes down to who wants it more.Please Tonyadont ever give up the fight.I am friendand you have many more so please do not ever feel alone.We support you.We love you.God bless.

Standard Message #: 1107
Subject: Fight
From: bombersmith,  36 yrs
Date: Saturday, April 17, 2004 @2:28 AM pacific time

My name is Edith Smith and I am the Australian jnr bantamweight champion. I would like to challenge Tonya to a fight.I understand that I would have to move up in weight which I have done before so how about an answer. The only problem is she would have to fly me from Melbourne Australia

Standard Message #: 1106
Subject: I was crazy about tonya and I am
From: ivan from spain,  27 yrs
Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 @11:34 AM pacific time

I was at high school in Spain when Tonya and Nancy were in all TVnews papers oh in Llillehammer as well. I thought that Tonya were great marvellous: her life her style or her nostyleI remember I couldnt stop talking about her much more interesting than Nancy KerryganIm so sorry may sister is here is ennoying and I have to finish this message bue I want to tell Tonya how wonderful I think she is byebye

Standard Message #: 1104
Subject: boxing?
From: MichaeL Hicks,  36 yrs
Date: Sunday, March 28, 2004 @8:29 PM pacific time

(10+2) Honey pleas quit boxing your far to good for that skate your lil hart out babe skate your lil hart out.. its your gift to the world. Pleeeeeeees and I couldnt bear to see someone lay a glove on you.

Standard Message #: 1103
Subject: where When
From: MichaeL Lee Hicks,  36 yrs
Date: Sunday, March 28, 2004 @7:33 PM pacific time

10+2 where can she be seen in public thought I saw her March 15ish 2004 Portland(Maine) if so the most piercing blue eyes Ive ever seen she broke my heart in 12 seconds. It looks like Im not the only one whos been smitten didnt know there where so many of us I would love to see her skate in person she seems to have grown more graceful over the years and ever more lovely Tonya call write come visit a fanadmirer much love and goodwishes PS Rite Aid not the bald guy the one with the long red hair ;o)

Standard Message #: 1102
Subject: Tonya, I pray for ya!
From: SomeoneWithHope,  38 yrs
Date: Saturday, March 27, 2004 @8:01 PM pacific time

Hi Tonya. I hope that everything is going good for you. I know that you have had a rough time of it and can get down on yourself easily. There have been more greivous things done in sports that have been forgiven. I hope that you get back in to competition soon. You were (and probably still are) an unbelievable skater. If you did the things you were accusedx of just say so and get it over with. That is step one of becoming free. Step two involves a relationship with Jesus Christ. You see he paid the price for everything anyone has ever done wrong and offers us life forever. Our job is to accept that life. No hidden contracts no fine print no legal disclaimers. He died for you Tonya. If you were the only person on the face of this earth He would have still died for you. All you have to do to begin this amazing walk with Him is admit you have done wrong (we ALL have) and ask Him to come into your life and take away the guilt and penalty for doing wrong. There still may be a price to pay here on earth but before God you are completely innocent after you accept His Son. Do you have to change your life to be accepted by God Nope but youll probably want to after you realize what he has done for you! Just follow this path on your Bible and itll explain it all. Romans 3:23 (our problem); Romans 6:23 (our penalty); Romans 5:8 (Gods plan); Romans 10:910 and 10:13 (Gods pathway for us). Feel free to email me if you have any questions or if you just need someone to talk to and pray with. God loves you more than youll ever know.

Standard Message #: 1101
Subject: Give it a Break!!
From: nitetimeradio,  54 yrs
Date: Friday, March 26, 2004 @7:26 AM pacific time

Tonya Harding!!! Your still a great athelete your still letting folks influence you.. Hall ass to Utahput you on a Sponsored Harley hang out with people that care about you..Your future is secure..

Standard Message #: 1100
Subject: Hang your head...
From: Em-bare-assed,  39 yrs
Date: Wednesday, March 24, 2004 @7:41 AM pacific time

I just have to put in my 2 cents

I am from Vancouver yet I now live on the other side of the country.

It is funny that people seem to remember oddities way beyond their celebrity. Like Tonya for example.

When I mentioned the other day that I am from Vancouver to a east coaster I am working with the immediate response was Do you know Tonya The Hammer Harding.

I do not claim to know her personally I said but yes I know who you are talking about

He says I wouldnt be claiming that as my hometown if thats the kind of people they raise out there!.

I was taken back for a moment. Not sure I really heard what he said. Then it dawned on me that association with a celebrity and the city they are from is common.

Thanks Tonya for making Vancouver a place to not be proud of calling home !

Standard Message #: 1099
Subject: romance
From: randy,  51 yrs
Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2004 @7:06 AM pacific time

if tonya is really interested in a serious relationship and wants to be loved and treated like a lady she needs to write me. I am not rich or anything but I do know how to take care of a beautiful woman

Standard Message #: 1098
Subject: Your boxing career
From: Scott,  41 yrs
Date: Monday, March 22, 2004 @11:46 AM pacific time

What happened Heard you turned yellow and backed out of your most recent match. I had the impression that you were tough as nails. I as many of your other fans I would imagine are extremely disappointed in you. Ive lost that loving feeling now.

Standard Message #: 1097
Subject: No show in Oakland
From: Harding Boxing Fan,  21 yrs
Date: Sunday, March 21, 2004 @12:26 PM pacific time

Does anyone know why Tonya Harding was a noshow for the Oakland fight

According to the local press Tonya chickened out after her opponent Blanca Hilder trashedtalked her at the weighin.

Im confused by this. We have a world class athlete who has long understood pressure. And though her fight career is far less than perfect she still has three wins which is still more than a number of her peers.

As many of you are aware her previous fight was a devastating loss. In the mens fight game its often said that boxers have a tough time going back into the gym after a tough defeat. Not that I was hoping Tonya would lose but I was hoping superior competition would serve as a wakeup call to improve her work ethic. Shes got far better talent than her opponents but hasnt yet developed the skills.

Its my hope that she will overcome being sued for her noshow and will successfully return to the ring.

Standard Message #: 1096
Subject: Tonya KICKS ASS
From: Joe,  30 yrs
Date: Saturday, March 20, 2004 @4:54 PM pacific time


Standard Message #: 1095
Subject: Tonya Appearance
From: Johnboy85,  32 yrs
Date: Friday, March 19, 2004 @1:36 PM pacific time

Hey Everyone: Hows it going

I currently live near Tacoma WA. A couple months ago I tought I saw a sign at a local night club saying that Tonya would be singing or performing. Was this true I was just wondering.

Also is there a website or source which shows information on Tonyas future public appearances Ive been a Tonya fan since the International Compitition which was in 1991 (I think). I hope that her boxing career is going well and Miss Tonya needs to get back on the ice for compitition! Hey Nov. 12 is a great day to have a birthday :). Im with you on that!!!

Keep your head up and push onward!!!


Standard Message #: 1094
Subject: Tonya the woman
From: Douglas Campbell,  33 yrs
Date: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 @12:32 PM pacific time

I just wanted to take a minute to say how great it is to see Tonya moving forward and having what appears to be a blast with her career and life. I wish I could do the same but for now Ill just stand on the sidelines and cheer. Whats even more amazing is hat she is doign all this and still remains as gorgeous as everOk Shes Hot!

Keep fightin T!!!

Standard Message #: 1093
Subject: About Tonya
From: bigman,  34 yrs
Date: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 @10:25 AM pacific time

Tonya is NOT a nice person. Several years ago I went to a mall in Portland for breakfast and the foodcourt overlooks a skate rink. I sat down along the rail reading the newspaper and having my breakfast and no one else around me. I look down on the rink and there she is standing along the boards with her hands on her hips looking my direction with a disgusted look on her face for almost a minute. After her practice I was standing by the exit to say hi and give my support to her and when she came out I started say hi and in her exact words F^%$@!*. So I called her B!@#$. I thought she was really awesome and beautiful sexy and had respect for her until this incident. What does that say about her No respect for her now.

Standard Message #: 1092
Subject: enough already
From: Kon3,  36 yrs
Date: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 @9:55 AM pacific time

tonya needs to live life like a real person and stop disgracing herself. It isnt cute anymore go get a job and get off the TV and the silly publicity stunts.

county fairs are retarded and anyone who gets in line for this dingbats autograph should be lined up in the barnyard oddities tent.

Standard Message #: 1091
Subject: third chance
From: tevia ruben,  64 yrs
Date: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 @9:45 AM pacific time

tonya= heard today that you soon will be trying hockey as a way to get back on icegood goingbut by now you should be given the chance to figure skate once moreyou probably are up to such but each year you are denied is a year of rustyso I hartily encourage you to go after the dream of figure skating once more you deserve your turn to shine===

Standard Message #: 1090
Subject: admiration
From: tim,  45 yrs
Date: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 @6:42 AM pacific time

Dear Tonya I must tell you how very much I admire you for your fortitude in overcoming all the bad things that have happened to you over the years. You are to be commended. You were one of the most beautiful skaters to ever grace the ice and gave me many enjoyable moments watching you perform. I am sorry that you have had to suffer thru the bad times but we all do in one way or another and you have survived. The world is a better place to be graced with one so talented and absolutely beautiful. You are truly a gift to the world keep that beautiful smile on your face


Standard Message #: 1089
Subject: Miss You Tonya
From: Megadth,  34 yrs
Date: Monday, March 08, 2004 @10:59 PM pacific time

Tonya we all miss you. You were a bright light in an otherwise stuffy sport. Have you ever seen Nancy She is fruggly and she is a HUGE baby!

While I didnt come here to bash anyone it feels good to say it. Tonya you deserve to be back in the spotlight you skate circles around most of these other skaters.

I am also a soon to be AGAIN Oregonian. I would love to see you skate in Portland. Good luck with the amateur hockey thing you will definitely be able to compete with those boys!!

Good bye and good luck. Not that it would happen but you can write me back at the above email address.


Standard Message #: 1088
Subject: martial arts
From: jesus suarez,  23 yrs
Date: Monday, March 08, 2004 @2:24 PM pacific time

hi tonya sorry but my english is very bad I am from to venezuela I remember your case and say you are the best skating in the world dont worry you go on whit your life that people whit me follow you if you understend spanih I say tonya yo te apoyare y te seguire apoyando res la mejor nunca nadie t podra superar no rt deje atormentar por los idiotas que te dicen lo contrario aui en venezuela tienes un gran admirador cuando sucedio todo yo era un niño y se que no tuviste nada que ver asi que no t preocupes te quiero mucho y t deseo lo mejor

Standard Message #: 1087
Subject: hello there!!
From: Tomas,  16 yrs
Date: Saturday, March 06, 2004 @10:36 PM pacific time

Hello my name is Tomas and I´m from Argentina. I recently saw the E! True hollywood story and I want to give my opinion of all this. First of all I want to say that everybody makes mistakes and I think that beacuse she made some of them doesn´t mean that she´s a bad person she´s like any of us. In my opinion the people has to underestand many things about life in fact I was reading the messages in the site and there was a woman who said that Tonya has to find god to find herself or something like that and I don´t think that god has to do with any of this. There is something that we all have to learn and that is how to forgive someone. Tonya had a difficult life like many of us and the thing I don´t get is who has the right to judge her Hey! We need to have some compassion!!! The american people are so stupid.. Why don´t they leave her do what she does best We only have one life and is a short life so we should be happy and do what we want to do no matter what other says!!!!!!!!!!! PD: Sorry for my english I hope that anyone can get the message and of course Tonya herself.

Standard Message #: 1086
Subject: Reinstate Tonya
From: James Cook,  35 yrs
Date: Saturday, March 06, 2004 @4:19 AM pacific time

I am sick and tired of people in figure skating not allowing Tonya Harding back in. In fact the figure skating association ought to be bowing their heads in disgrace because it took Tonyas misfortune to get the following they have now! Tonya has suffered long enough and it is ironic that so many sports figures except for Tonya and one famous baseball player can do whatever they want and go right back. Enough is enough even people who go to prison are able to get out and lead normal lives should they choose to after they pay the price. So why is Tonya still being punished to this very day. Someone please start a petition to reinstate Tonya or just stop watching figure skating and supporting it until they admit they are wrong and making money from Tonyas misfortune. At least she is getting to be a pretty good boxer as well with her training in professional boxing. And this as a note to the I am God at the figure skating association about Nancy(who was sleeping with her then married coach at the time of the Olympics and we all know now she was not the little princess you lied to say she was)

Standard Message #: 1085
Subject: to tonya with my all heart
From: Gerardo,  26 yrs
Date: Friday, March 05, 2004 @9:54 PM pacific time

Hi Im from México city I saw the E true Hollywood History about your tragical incident with the association of skating and the other things. Well I See you in the Olimpics in 1994 and your are the most great skater ive seen and the most beautiful girl in the ice you are a princess and its unfaithful you don´t have a chance to continue with your career.

Well I wish all the best of the world for you and I hope you find the way to be happy I supporting from my country.

see you and god bless you.

pd. my english it´s not good im sorry for that insignificant thing.

Standard Message #: 1084
From: PAISLEY,  57 yrs
Date: Friday, February 27, 2004 @7:59 AM pacific time

Hi Tonya

I can never forget your last Olympic performance. I had gone to bed and watched you just before I fell asleep. It was the most beautiful skating I have ever seen before or since and I was amazed and uplifted by you. A dream.

Thank you and I hope to see you again soon.



Standard Message #: 1083
Subject: Bad breaks in life
From: danielb,  36 yrs
Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 @7:21 AM pacific time

I believe that Tonyas carrer has been sidetracked by a series of bad breaks and personalities in her life. This talented skater might have won the gold if her mind was focused on the ice rather than a soapopera drama. I wish her the best she is quite a personality; and the skating world is more interesting with her in it.

Standard Message #: 1082
Subject: Tonya
From: Sherlilyn,  40 yrs
Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 @1:09 AM pacific time

Tonya thank you for being who you are. You still are the number one jumping queen of the U.S. Noone in ladies here in the U.S. has topped your triple axel yet. Michelle Kwan skated after you and got held up for years with hardly any jumps. Now she thinks she will win the next Olympics with no jumps. Miki Ando will slam her down just like you woould have if you skated during her years. Its pathedic to watch the U.s ladies skate today after watching you take Nationals. You are still the very best skater America ever had.

Standard Message #: 1081
Subject: Good Luck!
From: Mikie Turner,  43 yrs
Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 @7:46 PM pacific time


Good luck with everything you do. I have always enjoyed your skating. I saw your performance on The Early Show today. You handled yourself with grace and style. Would love to see you skate again. You are really talented. All the happiness in the world to you! A great big hug from Bridgeport OH

Standard Message #: 1080
Subject: Seattle
From: Sandi,  53 yrs
Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 @11:49 AM pacific time

Tonya Come to Seattle and stay with me and my husband. You can rollerblade on Alki to build up your legs! No one will know your here and you can relax and have some fun with our friends. I have a great view of the mountains and water. You could jog to Alki from here. Think about it. Call if you want to come! 2069384443. Good luck. Always treat others as you would like to be treated and you will suceed! Sandi in Seattle.

Standard Message #: 1079
From: KATZ,  51 yrs
Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 @11:42 AM pacific time


Standard Message #: 1078
Subject: Early Show-2-24-04
From: Bob C,  66 yrs
Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 @11:32 AM pacific time

Dear Tonya I was so happy to see your interview and skating again on this mornings Early Show and also to find your website. I hope you can stop the boxing and get back to skating. Boxing could cause brain damage. May your future be in ice skating. I will include you in my daily prayer list and will pray for your success at least 5 of the 7 days of every week. May you be blessed with health and happiness.

Standard Message #: 1077
Subject: GOOD For You Tonya!!!!
From: Catnipp,  41 yrs
Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 @6:33 AM pacific time

I just watched you skate on CBS Morning Show make your announcement of getting back in skating GOOD FOR YOU!!! I have watched all kinds of specials about you through out the years always DID BELIEVE you got SCREWED by MANY different people were not ever given a fair deal from most! I LOVE your attitude wish you the BEST in life in whatever you do! If they dont give you your reinstatement it is their LOSS NOT yours!!! YOU will know you gave it your BEST shot that is ALL THAT MATTERS!!! There are MANY people who DO BELIEVE IN YOU are behind you!

Standard Message #: 1076
Subject: missing Tonya
From: ScottNC,  38 yrs
Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 @6:18 AM pacific time

I saw Tonya skate today on the CBS morning show with Harry Smith and it made me sad. It made me sad because I realized how much I missed seeing her on the ice.

Standard Message #: 1075
Subject: Contact
From: Dravorian,  27 yrs
Date: Thursday, February 19, 2004 @4:03 PM pacific time

Now is the time when people really need to take a long look in the mirror and judge themselves as harshly as they have young Tonya. You see from the first time I had the chance to see her right up until now I have been very attracted to her. I have gotten to know quite a bit more about her and my attraction to her has grown immensely. I hope she is able to read this and see what I have to say as an opportunity to possibly meet her is very close at hand. I am from Canada and I have come to find out that she may be headed this way to do some knock about (Boxing). She may actually be coming right to my hometown and I wouldnt miss seeing her for anything. Due to some laws and restrictions I may not get that chance as she may not be allowed to visit us here until 2010. I really couldnt give two shakes what other people think of her but I know that I would give anything to meet her. Somehow some way I would like to be able to contact her and see what could be arranged if anything. Someone please help me out a bit does anyone know how to get in touch with her If you can send me an email at the displayed address with the info I would be forever indebted to you. Tonya if you read these please send me a message to let me know either way! Thanks people.

Standard Message #: 1074
Subject: Tonya against the world
From: Thomas Edwards,  57 yrs
Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 @9:55 PM pacific time

Ever since l first saw Tonya it seemed she was always catching up.Things never seem to go right for her but her real spirt always shines through.To me she never gives up or gives in.So many times the skating judges screwed her out of the numbers she deserved.She always took it like a lady and keep trying.I admire her for her beauty as a warm hearted spirit.I wish her only the best as she moves forward in life.Dont let the bastards get you down doll youre the best!

Standard Message #: 1073
Subject: Public Opinion
From: tharrop,  38 yrs
Date: Monday, February 16, 2004 @11:39 AM pacific time

16 February 2004


First I must tell you that I think that you are a great skater and I always tried to watch whenever you were skating in a televised event.

I obviously dont personally know you but at least on the surface I see you as a very attractive young lady who has unfortunately had a few tough breaks. I believe that everything will ultimately come together for you.

I know that it is a very unrealistic dream but I would love to meet you (I am sure all guys say that) and would give just anything to have the chance. Anyway I hope that all your dreams come true and that you find peace and happiness in whatever you do.


Standard Message #: 1072
Subject: Tonya is so hot!!!!!!!
From: Crow,  29 yrs
Date: Monday, February 09, 2004 @2:35 AM pacific time

I just wanted to leave a message on here about Tonya she is so hot. I dont care about the stuff in her past because it is just that in her past. I would love to meet her someday I would ask her if she wanted to out and eat or something. I know that will probably never happen but you never know. I live in Washington state and I think she lives in Oregon still lol. well I just wanted to post my opinion on Tonya being one of the hottest women in the world.


Standard Message #: 1070
Subject: No subject
From: Mr. Triffid,  40 yrs
Date: Saturday, February 07, 2004 @4:58 PM pacific time

Hello Tonya I think you are a fantastic athlete and personality. Youve had to put up with a lot of crap and bullshit from all the naysayers and media ghouls and yet: you keep hangin in there! Thats what makes you great and thats what earns you a devoted fan base. Rockon Tonya and EAT THEM RAW!

Standard Message #: 1069
Subject: Greetings from Norway
From: Fred,  40 yrs
Date: Saturday, February 07, 2004 @3:11 PM pacific time

I read about you Tonya in a norwegian newspaper today. I just wanted to say that you have achieved a lot more than other people do in life. For me you will always be a shimmering STAR. I wish you all the best in the future.

Standard Message #: 1068
Subject: Question ?
From: triathlonme,  52 yrs
Date: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 @3:22 PM pacific time

Tonya Do you still enjoy skating After all the noise about your showing at the Olympics do you still have the passion I saw your brief appearance with professional wrestling and thought it was a good money move for you. I dont really watch wrestling but I couldnt help but see you once when my son had it on. I also saw part of your debut to the boxing world. Thats a tough hussle. I used to kickbox twenty five years ago and won the lightweight kickboxing championship in Inglewood Calif. In 1975 so I know what this will do to you in the future. I am an old man but I still love to engage in some sort of sporting event. I change sports often but I feel I must move or Ill get old. I really hope you can get away from the public eye for a little while so you can live and grow without the world watching you. Ive been there in the public eye happy because I found the fame I wanted but it isnt what it is hyped up to be. Fame can suck big time Tonya. I hope you can find fame in one man and be happy with that. Good luck with the rest of your life.

Standard Message #: 1066
Subject: live and learn
From: snowman,  45 yrs
Date: Thursday, January 22, 2004 @1:05 PM pacific time

As we go thru life. We make mistakes and should learn from. Tonya is a beautiful person. Even thou I have not met her. In my opion she has alot of good in her to move on.While some are stuck in the past. I would like to find a girl like Tonya and settle down. Tonya harding is a great skatter.She can beat Nancy in ice skatting any time

Standard Message #: 1064
Subject: WHY??
From: Taylor,  15 yrs
Date: Monday, January 12, 2004 @12:37 PM pacific time

TonyaI think that it was good that you got banished from the skating world what you did was terribly wrong and a lot of people are never going to forgive you. I totally supported you in skating but when the Nancy Kerrigan event came along I was stunned. Nancy was my favorite skater and what you and your friend did to her was unbelivably STUPID MEAN NASTYI dont understand

Standard Message #: 1062
Subject: Proud of you
From: scorpio,  39 yrs
Date: Sunday, January 11, 2004 @3:49 PM pacific time

Tonya we all make mistakes in our life. Unfortunately you are in the uneviable position of being in the public eye. Much more hoopla is made of public mistakes rather than the multitude that we all make in private. I for one am proud of you for holding your pretty head high and moving on with your life. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to many including myself. Sincerely Your Fan

Standard Message #: 1058
Subject: Tonya is gorgeous
From: Brandon,  26 yrs
Date: Thursday, January 08, 2004 @7:15 PM pacific time

I think Tonya is a gorgeous and wonderful woman who was given a bad rep by the media. She has accomplished much with her life despite the garbage that the media spewed about her and has risen above it all !

Standard Message #: 1057
Subject: Her Enormous Talent
From: Nomi,  60 yrs
Date: Thursday, January 08, 2004 @4:08 PM pacific time

I have thought from the very beginning that Tonya got a raw deal from the skating federation. What a shame to see her wonderful talent(and pretty face)not available for the public to enjoy. I have never believed Tonya was personally knowledgeable of the fiasco that happened when Kerrigan was injured. To make it worseTonya actually has more talent for skating in her little toe than Kerrigan will ever have. I like Tonya and dont care who knows it. In my opinon she should have as much right to use her talent for skating to make a living as Kerrigan. Nancy is a prima donna and a whiner. What a shame things just seem to fall in place for some and others wind up with a wrecked career like Tonya did. The TV viewing public is missing out on a lot of talent from this little blondehaired bundle of energy. I just wish we could change it for you Tonya I certainly would do my part helpingfrom one who misses seeing you skate.

Standard Message #: 1056
From: rick,  48 yrs
Date: Thursday, January 08, 2004 @3:34 PM pacific time

hey tonya I think you got the royal shaft from the skating authorities and I felt you should have been given a chance to further compete. you were the best in your time and I hope your boxing career takes off. If you ever need a friend email me: rick at

Standard Message #: 1055
Subject: Tonya's nose
From: A boxing fan,  60 yrs
Date: Thursday, January 08, 2004 @2:07 PM pacific time

I believe I have the answer to the Tonya changing nose inquiry.

Are you aware that Tonya the ice skater is now Tonya the professional() boxer The nose is a popular target for the opponent in any boxing match and the glove and Tonyas nose have developed a close and reliable friendship over the past couple years.

The old pug nose has turned into a real pug nose. I know this as I have owned pug dogs and their noses never resembled Tonyas before she started her new career.

What people will do for beer and cigarette money.

Standard Message #: 1053
Subject: Tonya's nose
From: bbanddog,  47 yrs
Date: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 @2:35 PM pacific time

MY FANTASY GIRL: I used to think Tonya Harding had the [CUTEST NOSE] on the face of the planet But after looking at her nose in recent pictures it is no longer the same nose. It is wider and not puggedup like it used to beAM I IMAGINING THINGS OR WHAT Anyone care to comment please do

Standard Message #: 1052
Subject: Pics need updating
From: UnfrozenJoseph,  26 yrs
Date: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 @1:23 PM pacific time

Tonya Whats up girl I dont know if youll actually read these messages but I just wanted to leave a suggestion. You should update your pics like maybe adding some more recent pics pics of you in your bikini pics of you in an elegant gown or pics of you doing stuff like horseback riding etc. Just a thought. Never give up on those blades girl youre just too good on the ice. Later ~~

Standard Message #: 1051
Subject: Crush
From: Vernon,  38 yrs
Date: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 @9:51 AM pacific time

like most other men in this country I would give my eye tooth just to sit in the same restaurant as her. I have been A big fan of hers even through her troubled times. To bad I will never meet the woman that fantasies are made of.

Standard Message #: 1050
Subject: An angle in the rough
From: Robert Wright,  39 yrs
Date: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 @1:50 AM pacific time

Tonya Harding The fallen angle. I was always been in awe of her. I think the media and public harassed her and still do to some degree. I think they should put as mutch effort into riviving inhancing and cultivating this young womens future as they have in trying to destroy it. I dought she will ever see this and that is why I have never wrote in the past in anyway shape or form to or about her. But if by chance she would ever see this. I want to congradulate her on keeping her head held high after being burned at the stake by a bunch of witch hunters and pursued to this day like a pack of wolves. Tonya I have admired you for years and you are just as graceful and beautiful today as you ever were. Your eyes still sparkle though others have tryed to put the sparkle out and your pretty smile still gleams after all the battles. Yes tonya you have always been a pretty women but I truely believe that your face tells it all to look in tose eyes a person can see that you are beautiful inside as well as out.

Robert Wright

Standard Message #: 1049
Subject: I love you
From: Travis044,  32 yrs
Date: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 @1:46 PM pacific time


I have always really admired you for your fortitude and resilience. I would honestly love for an opportunity to learn more about you and I home that you will reply to this message. If you are interested in becoming friends please let me know. I can send you a photo of myself if you would like.

Thank you Travis

Standard Message #: 1045
Subject: Want a date with Tanya
From: ImInLoveWithTANYA,  55 yrs
Date: Sunday, January 04, 2004 @4:42 PM pacific time

Hello Tonya If you read this board I want to tell you how much I love everything about you. I believe you are the most beautiful person in the world. Our paths will probably never cross but that doesnt stop me from yearning for you every time I see a picture of you. I wish you all the best in the worldI just wish that I could be in your world.

All the best you beautiful sweetheart

Love you Gork

Standard Message #: 1043
Subject: Happy New Year, Tonya !
From: Seppo Väyrynen,  55 yrs
Date: Sunday, December 28, 2003 @7:42 AM pacific time

TONYA (and family)! Happy New Year 2004 and God Bless You Tonya and family! This message is from Finland (in Europe) !! Im figure skating and Tonya Harding fan from East Finland from Karelia.!!

Standard Message #: 1042
Subject: Where is She?
From: An Interested Observer,  60 yrs
Date: Thursday, December 18, 2003 @9:28 PM pacific time

Where is Waldo I mean Tonya

Havent heard anything about her recently. The last thing I heard was that she is busy training for a boxing championship bout with Ms. Ali or Lucia Rijker. I didnt realize she was that good!

Best of luck in your new career as the new great white female hope for boxing. Chin down and hands up at all times and remember: attack the body and the tree must fall.

Standard Message #: 1041
Subject: Tonya is a legend
From: Joseph,  51 yrs
Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 @11:10 PM pacific time

Tonya Harding is possibly the most gifted female skater of all time. Her moves are spectacular. Her triple Salchow is the most perfect I have ever seen. I would also say her performance at Nationals in 1991 was the most phenomenal performance by any female ever. She so deserved better. She should have been a major star but she didnt play the game so the press crucified her. I also have never seen such a strong person. She had the guts to go all the way to Norway under all that pressure and compete and pull it off. Wow!! I hope someday people will wise up to all the phoniness of ice skating (we saw that with the French judge). Tonya deserves to be recognized for the awesome skater and person she is. Go Tonya!!!!

Standard Message #: 1040
Subject: thanks and best ok luck in future
From: Rob,  33 yrs
Date: Saturday, December 13, 2003 @9:07 PM pacific time

Thanks for approving my fantasy. I hope to see you skating again soon. It has been ten years already. I think enough time has gone by. My new email is posted.

Standard Message #: 1039
Subject: True Confessions
From: Dave,  42 yrs
Date: Tuesday, December 09, 2003 @11:36 AM pacific time

From first I saw Tonya I thought she was a doll. Undoubtedly there are troubles in her life; some of which are substantial. Not that I am a proponent of the philosphy that supports nurture over nature but in Tonyas life nurture (or lack of it) has resulted in her troubles as an adult. Unfortunitely she made an extrodinarily bad decision in assulting N. K. but as obvious as daylight was a greater mistake in her choice of husbands. His [Jeffs] true colors could not had stood out more than the day he released that extremely personal video Tonya and he made. The man belongs in jail for a long time. She's more a victim of Jeff as NK is of Tonyas. The true fellon in the NK assault is Jeff.

If Tonya ever comes to Boston I would love to show her the town. The NK incident is long forgotten around here. I dont believe she would mind meeting me. I am not too hard on the eyes at 62 blonde and athletic. The offer stands as long as I am a free man so act now..

Standard Message #: 1036
Subject: home
From: jbuckmeir,  38 yrs
Date: Friday, November 28, 2003 @2:59 PM pacific time

Ive always been attracted to Tonya and her ice skating. Its too bad she became mixed up with such a losing bunch. My brother knows her and states that I met her once to at a party in Vancouver my home town. Jack

Standard Message #: 1035
Subject: tonya!!!!!!!!
From: Big tom,  47 yrs
Date: Monday, November 24, 2003 @9:04 AM pacific time

saw the video!!!!! you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love a woman on top and in control!!! what a woman you are !! love ya tj p.s. If your ever in md lets get together!! im just ol country boy!! 4x4s airboat farm!! hunting an fishin!!

Standard Message #: 1034
Subject: Pictures and videos
From: Lobo,  45 yrs
Date: Saturday, November 22, 2003 @11:04 PM pacific time

I miss the adult pictures and the honeymoon video Anyone care to trade som pictures or videos EMail me @ I especially like the picture with Tonya in a chair nude with her legs back and would like to trade for that one

Standard Message #: 1033
Subject: Tonya Harding boxing
From: rmordccav666,  42 yrs
Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 @9:28 AM pacific time

Dont like the idea of women beating on each other too much but if this is what she wants I wish her all the best. She has the heart of a lion. Shes a competitor and a spark that most of the people who sit back and slam her dont have. One piece of advice stop dropping that left so much and get off the heels.

Standard Message #: 1031
Subject: happy birthday!!!!!!
From: Big Tool Bama,  48 yrs
Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2003 @9:50 PM pacific time

Dear Tonya Man all I wanted to do was wish you a Happy Birthday.

Whats with the 30 words etc. etc. Anyway Happy Birthday.

Have a real real good time. Hope to meet you someday.

Your Fan

The Big Tool

Standard Message #: 1030
Subject: Disgusted
From: Disgusted,  39 yrs
Date: Monday, November 10, 2003 @11:20 AM pacific time

Only possible in the USA. A psychologically deranged and dangerous person can be forgiven and then go on to be idolized.

There are millions of truly great people in the United States why are they not in the spotlight

American culture is so trashy and depraved that criminals porn stars crooks mass murderers and the like have books films web sites and what not vaunting their errors and sins.

Standard Message #: 1029
Subject: Msg. to Webmaster
From: Marcel Perez,  60 yrs
Date: Sunday, November 09, 2003 @12:04 AM pacific time

Mr. WebMaster:

I have to apologize to you for the reason(s) for my temporary banishment.

You were gracious enough to humor my stories on or around pages 34 and 35. Im sure you recognize the writing style behind my A.K.A.s Penis Fly Trap Tonyas Best Friend Moosehead etc. Mine are all the storystle messages.

I hope you took them in the way I intended to add a little humor to the less than inspiring messages surrounding them. I hope it didnt backfire as noted by the violent return of Aunt Emma.

If you care to you can email me with a response. I will not participate further in this site if you would prefer the regular message format.


Marcel Perez

Standard Message #: 1028
Subject: Article
From: Sheilah Ravenscroft,  38 yrs
Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 @1:37 PM pacific time

Dear Ms. Harding I have been working on an article with you representing a common thread to the typical American. What would influence my article greatly would be the answer to this question:

Would you choose to be yourself with all your trials and tribulations or would you choose to be someone else (Tortured Earnest Hemingway or Too richToo thin Paris Hilton ect..)

Standard Message #: 1027
Subject: Kentucky truckstops??
From: AverageJoe,  29 yrs
Date: Sunday, October 26, 2003 @3:25 PM pacific time

Tonya is fine if not a little misguided at times. Why pick on Kentucky I used to work at a truck stop in the middle of Kentucky. It provided me with spending money while I went to college. Now Im a dentist.

Standard Message #: 1026
Subject: call me
From: joe,  35 yrs
Date: Thursday, October 23, 2003 @1:20 PM pacific time

tonya I would very much like to meet you. I am not a freak or stalker. I am just a huge fan. you always got a bum rap and you desreve the best. I am a divorced male 35 63 200lbs. I may be older then you but I am immature for my age (ha ha ) my # is XXX XXX XXXX joe

Webmaster Comment: We removed the telephone number you left. Phone numbers are not allowed. Anyone could post private numbers which are not yours. Anyone who does this we believe is either stupid, lying, or both. You take your pick.

Standard Message #: 1025
Subject: HEY
From: prncalb2000,  34 yrs
Date: Thursday, October 23, 2003 @4:40 AM pacific time

Hey I have followed you for most of your career and then realized I have alot in common with you.JAIL dammit!!! pool and we will both do whatever it takes to get ahead. Anyways keep your head up I always do! No im not in jail now.loli wish you nothing but the best of luck and happiness in whatever you decide you want out of life now and remember life is not easy but im sure you have heard that beforetry to stay positive and remember you are not the only one whose life is tough!!!! Dont ever sell yourself outwe only get one shot at this life that we know of..make yourself proud. Bruce

Standard Message #: 1024
Subject: To The Ass.
From: Jeff,  33 yrs
Date: Thursday, October 23, 2003 @12:40 AM pacific time

You suck!I am so tired of reading these messages about I kinda like Tonya but want to see her nude.Your just a perv.Go look at porn somewhere on the net and stay away from this sight you Prick!

Standard Message #: 1023
Subject: Oct.25th Tunica
From: HotStuffHollieDunaway,  18 yrs
Date: Monday, October 20, 2003 @12:35 PM pacific time

Tonya whats the deal with you backing out of fighting me again Last time you backed out the day I was supposed to leave for Dallas for the fight on Aug. 2nd. You were scarred to fight me and fought a bigger girl who knocked you out in 73 seconds. I signed the contract a month ago for Oct.25th. and you backed out Thurs. WHY I heard you got a sinus infection. You fought Alejandra Lopez with a broken nose. I just dont understand it!

Standard Message #: 1021
Subject: Very Sexy
From: Athletic33,  33 yrs
Date: Thursday, October 16, 2003 @1:51 PM pacific time


I hope you read these message boards. I am a HUGE fan of yours from when you first enetered the national scene. I think you are one of the sexiest female athletes in the country with an incredible body and smile. Keep up the good work dont go away and keep making me fantasize about your firm body.

You can always email me anytime you want.

Standard Message #: 1020
Subject: worried about your future
From: cameronfstaats,  40 yrs
Date: Monday, October 13, 2003 @5:55 PM pacific time

shekon tonya I first heard about you awhile ago and watched you skate and heard of your hard life and how you rose above it I kind of related to your history and watched more of your skating and more of a fan you showed much heart and always was a great lady a real competiter then came the kerigan incident and yor demize I am still an ardent admirorer of you and would hope you would please turn yor life around and be the nice young lady that I know yiu still are I do believe in our creater and I have walked amny a rough path I know yoy can and will if you need a friend I am I am going back to my reservation to live in a while keep in touch if you would like cameron f staats rakwissrons my native name

Standard Message #: 1019
Subject: What a Woman!!
From: Derek,  32 yrs
Date: Monday, October 13, 2003 @3:05 PM pacific time

I believe that Tonya Harding is one of the most misunderstood people in the world. I totally support anything that she does! I know what she did was wrong but thats in the past and lets all move on. She paid for her mistakes and she should be give everychance in the world to get her life back. What a great woman!! It would be a chance of a lifetime to ever meet her. I just saw a special on E! on cable about her life and I was totally dreaming about her!! Shes one of those women that just makes your heart race when you think about her. Good luck to you Tonya with everything you do! Take care!

Standard Message #: 1017
Subject: Tonya was INVOLVED from start
From: Miki,  52 yrs
Date: Thursday, October 09, 2003 @7:58 PM pacific time

Tonya Harding had already made a name for herself in the figureskating world before the attack on Kerrigan was determined to win at all costs and to let nothing stand in her way. So feeling threatened by Nancy Kerrigan she her ex and her exs henchment worked to mastermind the assault. That was obvious from the start.

Editor's comment: Dah! It took you ten years to discover this? Did you do so all by your lonesome or did you hire a reporter from the Globe? Do you actually think you're contributing something of interest?

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