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Standard Message #: 1230
Subject: Support for Tonya
From: Jake,  60 yrs
Date: Sunday, January 02, 2005 @10:16 AM pacific time

I am writing to lend my support for Tonya in all her future endeavours. I think that she was given a raw deal and prevented from earning a living at what she did best namely skating. I hope she gives the same time and focus to her boxing career as she gave to her skating. Ifshe does so I am sure she will be very successful. Ifind Tonya to be a very interesting and beautiful young womanand I love the wild side of her. GO GET THEM TONYA and DONT CHANGE. YOURE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE.

Standard Message #: 1229
Subject: Tonya Harding
From: nikkifromindiana,  29 yrs
Date: Saturday, January 01, 2005 @11:36 AM pacific time

Dear Tonya I just wanted to tell you that when you used to skate I would watch you on tv. I was going through some of the worst times in my life with family and school. You really took my mind off things because I had watched other skaters but you were real, a real person just like me that didn't grow up in big posh high living stakes! You had made it all on your own! I really hope you get reinstated! You never deserved what you got! I have a daughter of my own now and whenever she gets down about not being able to do something I remind her that there was a skater named Tonya Harding that never let anything get in her way!

Standard Message #: 1228
Subject: figure skating event in Portland
From: tom sowa,  53 yrs
Date: Thursday, December 30, 2004 @10:49 AM pacific time


Im writing a newspaper story on the 2005 figure skating event in Portland. I wanted to hear your thoughts on Portlands good fortune in hosting this big time competition. Call my office: 509 459 5492.

Standard Message #: 1227 (Reply to message #35)
Subject: your site is a scam
From: BISHOP73MECCA,  31 yrs
Date: Wednesday, December 29, 2004 @5:11 PM pacific time

This may not really be a reply to message #35I only speak to people this tall but more so a reply to the Webmasters response saying that only one person has thanked them for the free service. Well now Im giving you a shoutout or a holla holla to say thank you from me BISHOP73MECCA for the free service! If you still dont remember me Im message #1200 and Im still looking for sweet Tonya float like a butterfly sting like a bee Harding to give me a reply! I know shes a busy hardworking woman and Im looking to match that work ethic in everything I do so in some ways shes a role model for me to look up to. I dont TRULY know how much Tonya REALLY looks at these messages but if the Webmaster could ever steer Ms. Harding in my direction to give me a response it would emphatically ROCK MY WORLD!


Standard Message #: 1226
Subject: boxing
From: rick,  42 yrs
Date: Wednesday, December 29, 2004 @10:56 AM pacific time

We would like to sign up a member of our staff for your fight in phiadelphia on the 19 of January as she thinks she can take you. We also stated that we will sponsor her and she has our backing.

Standard Message #: 1225
Subject: we have the same birthday
From: Dave Halford,  33 yrs
Date: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 @10:00 PM pacific time

Dear Tonya We both share the same birthdayalong with alot of other very famous people but in different years. I think you are a courageous person. You have pulled yourself out of adversity and have kept charging ahead to achieve your goals. I hope in the new year you will go above and beyond your expectations. The last year for myself has been the best of my life in many different ways. Please feel free to email if you would like. Good luck Dave

Standard Message #: 1224
Subject: happy new year
From: sammyq,  46 yrs
Date: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 @11:55 AM pacific time

Just wanted to say happy new year and I hope you have a sucessful career in either boxing or skating. You are a talented person and I wish you much happiness in your life. If your ever in Kansas City Email me I will be glad to show you the town.

Standard Message #: 1223
Subject: Christmas wishs
From: Steven Craig,  28 yrs
Date: Friday, December 24, 2004 @12:31 PM pacific time

Tonya I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Sorry I missed you in Nashville. I was on the road and wasnt able to make it to the training facility where I heard you were training. I hope your well. Tell your aunt Merry Christmas I hope shes well and still being blessed. Steven Craig

Standard Message #: 1222
Subject: Big Fan Of Yours
From: Hillary,  32 yrs
Date: Thursday, December 23, 2004 @9:36 PM pacific time

Hey Tonya! Just wanted to drop you a note that youre my all time favorite ice skater. I was a fan before all the 1994 stuff too. I miss seeing you skate. Your athleticism was so thrilling to watch. Good luck to you in all of your endeavors! :)

Standard Message #: 1220
Subject: Love You
From: George,  55 yrs
Date: Saturday, December 18, 2004 @8:28 PM pacific time

Hey Tonya You have handled all of your personal problems. I am proud of you for doing it and would love to meet you. I know how you were able because I too havegone through difficulty. I admire you a whole lot and do wish I lived close enough but Im on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Thats over 2500 miles away.


Standard Message #: 1219
Subject: good luck
From: grandma,  54 yrs
Date: Saturday, December 18, 2004 @6:47 PM pacific time

I just wanted to wish you the best of luck and I hope that your endeavor to be reinstated in figure skating is a success. I believe everyone learns lessons and can change and change for the better. You were such a gifted talented skater and its been sad that it was taken from you. Regardless of what happened 10 years ago or your part in it hopefully it has made you a better person. You have too much talent not to be skating again and you have so much to offer young skaters coming up or young children wanting to learn to skate. I wish you well.

Standard Message #: 1216
Subject: Louisville, KY
From: Scott C.,  37 yrs
Date: Thursday, December 09, 2004 @2:05 PM pacific time

Tonya would you pleeeeeeeeeeeese come to Louisville! I promise to take you to the Derby or anything else you would like to see. I happened to catch the E! True Hollywood Story about you over the last couple of weeks. And I have always thought you were the most drop dead gorgeous woman I have ever seen. All I want is one dinner date with you. Pretty please! ;)


Standard Message #: 1215
Subject: Just love the BAD GIRL
From: galley,  44 yrs
Date: Saturday, December 04, 2004 @8:12 AM pacific time

To Tonya from the very first glimpse of the scandel that consumed your life I have loved your persona. What a gutsy Babe you are! Now you're boxing what better way to channel your frustration and deal with your hand. How about some exterme fighting I can definately relate to your anger you are truly blessed to be so passionate in Love and In Hate. Hugs and kisses.

Standard Message #: 1213
Subject: This website is absolutely the best
From: Howard,  40 yrs
Date: Monday, November 29, 2004 @3:09 PM pacific time


In all my years Ive never never read so much good clean fun or had so much fun in all my life! You guys definately need to start charging admission is here. There are tons of well written fantasies regarding our popular loving Tonya who we all adore. Here I thought I was the only man to have secret fantasies about herand kept them hidden all these years. This Tonya Harding Forum allows me to express myself thereby rehabiliting myself to a sense of normalcy. I laughed so hard I criedand cried. All you guys and all you posterscheers to you Gang! I love you allIm going to make it my lifes mission to read everything in here. thanks Mark

Standard Message #: 1212 (Reply to message #1154)
Subject: Get over it
From: Howard,  40 yrs
Date: Monday, November 29, 2004 @2:42 PM pacific time

Politely I think you should growup. Tonya is the Darling Lady of Ice Figure Skating..she not fakeshes a winner at any cost. I think youre just jealous of her. Tonya takes care of business and uses her Good name advantagouslyshe works hard in life. What do you know :) about Goddess Worshipping.

Webmaster I demand you stop posting any messages less than a Tonya 4 approval ratingcause we end up with with people with opposite thinking Is this fair or am I being Tonya washed

Webmaster Comment: Demand? Well, you're being perhaps a bit of a dork. We do delete stupid, hateful messages but if the person takes even a bit of time and/or intelligence, I'll probably post it.

Standard Message #: 1211
From: Geri Patt,  69 yrs
Date: Monday, November 29, 2004 @1:39 PM pacific time

Dear Tonya Just saw a story on you on TV and really felt so sorry for you with everything that has happened to you. I just want to wish you the Best of good Wishes Tonya and I will say some prayers for you. I sure everything turns around for you and you can possible get back to skating. You take care Geri Patt

Standard Message #: 1210
Subject: Tonya is all that!
From: Mark,  40 yrs
Date: Monday, November 29, 2004 @10:24 AM pacific time

Now I realize Im not the only guy in the world that adores Tonya..shes so special and hot. I guess we man like a strong woman thats on top of her game and plays it to win. Shes such a darling. I never cared about the other skatersTonya was the bestshe has the best of everything. Men adore Tonyaand here I thought it was just me. best wishes mark

Standard Message #: 1209
Subject: Second Chance
From: Claudia,  30 yrs
Date: Monday, November 29, 2004 @9:12 AM pacific time

I understand the reason Tonya had been banned from the skating industry. However we all makes some more determental than others. I truly feel bad for all the bad press negative critism Tonya has received. Tonya I wish you much luck continue to keep your head up!!!!!!

Standard Message #: 1208
From: POETHELL,  43 yrs
Date: Thursday, November 25, 2004 @7:17 AM pacific time


Standard Message #: 1206
Subject: Autograph
From: triwall,  43 yrs
Date: Monday, November 15, 2004 @4:59 PM pacific time

Tonya My name is Gary and I live in Portland. I have a skate that I would like to get you to autograph for me. This is for my own personal collection and not for sale. How much


Standard Message #: 1205
Subject: Happy Birthday!
From: Pete,  36 yrs
Date: Friday, November 12, 2004 @8:15 PM pacific time

Happy Birthday Tonya! I hope that all is well with you! My Bday is nov 10. You Rock. are you doing ok Are you going to have babies I think you will be a good mom. p

Standard Message #: 1203
Subject: Coolest chick ever
From: elwood,  33 yrs
Date: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 @9:45 AM pacific time

hey just a note to say I just notice you and found info. I know you are famous and dont need to read this. anyway just wanted to say I find you really cool and inspirational. you have been delt some bad hands and you keep coming back on your own path. keep living life on your own terms and screw the people that are against you. you have a new and life long fan in whatever you do. be true to yourself. PS It doesnt hurt that your pictures are awesome!

Standard Message #: 1201
Subject: YO YO
From: YO YO,  22 yrs
Date: Friday, October 22, 2004 @1:13 PM pacific time

I think Tonya harding should do a nude live broadcasting of her with a webcam. She is trashy white and did a hit on another figure skater. Now she is trying professional boxing. She should just get nude because people like to see famous trashy women in the nude

Celebrities Exposed Free and rare nude celebrities

Standard Message #: 1200
From: BISHOP73MECCA,  31 yrs
Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 @1:03 PM pacific time

I was also fixated with you Tonya when I first saw you skate! You have INCREDIBLE skills or MADSKILLZ as I like to call it! The Figure Skating world has lost a true talent in you and a GREAT figureI strongly emphasize the word FIGURE! Im sure you have a great mind as well as personality but God forgive me for some of the thoughts Ive had about you! I dont know if youve dated any brothers before in your life but Im a brother that wouldve done my best to treat you right. I recently seen you in your boxing career and Im praying you get that Ohso heavenly hourglass figure back! As far as the incident with Nancy Kerrigan honestly I dont know what went down. Im not going to say you had a part in it because I truly dont want to believe that! I dont believe a woman with your madskillz for figure skating would ruin her career by letting a couple of dumba#@es with the combined IQ of a doormat take your competition out when you couldve skated figure 8s over around and threw every last one of them! Maybe by some miracle an appeal for you will be granted and youll be back where you belong on the ice skating rink! Until then Ill be keeping whatever body parts I can crossed for your immediate return. By the way I like that Breakaway movie you did! I see them shapely legs are still being put to good use. If you ever get any bruises on them doing anything else and they need massaging I can make myself available for service! Keep your head up in whatever you do or wherever you go from here and thats all Ill ever ask of you.

Love Ya!

Standard Message #: 1199
Subject: I am a new fan..
From: SepianNYC,  42 yrs
Date: Wednesday, October 13, 2004 @7:10 PM pacific time

Dear TonyaI have not been a huge fan of the sportand honestly only watched you perform scant times years ago.Over the time since your controversial career endingI had heard a couple of times about the nortorious honeymoon videoand for some reason decided to track it down and view it.WellI certainly did enjoy the footage at whatever site I could find that would feature the videoand upon seeing the occassional photo of youcame to realize what a gorgeous individual you are.SoI googled..searching high and low for whatever source I could find concerning you.At first it wasn;t very fruitfulbut finally I was able to find thisyour officialsite.Greatthis is a good nightmore photosa warmwelcoming video with you yourself addressing your fanbasethen something I did not expect to find on a site endorsed by youerotica with you as the subject.Clearlyyou are an openmindedaccepting sort of ladyand I will certainly come back from time to time to discover what I can about your world.Worry notI dont mean to stalk..I simply find you to be a brightattractivedamn sexy( I will certainly be contributing to the erotic fantasy section!)and so faran altogether pleasant lady.Best wishes in whatever life brings you..pleasekeep us all informed on what is transpiring in your life!Wow42and this is my first fan letteryou do inspire!Peace.

Standard Message #: 1198
Subject: Wishing you the best
From: sh1967,  37 yrs
Date: Saturday, October 09, 2004 @1:50 PM pacific time

Dear Tonya I wish you all the best in getting reinstated. You have paid more than enough and you should be given another chance. You are a talented and gifted athlete and figure skating is not the same without you. Best of luck!!

Standard Message #: 1197
Subject: Reply to Nina's message.
From: Miki,  53 yrs
Date: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 @9:14 PM pacific time

Hello Nina. I just read your letter about Tonya Harding and it is incredibly right on. The fact that guys (and gals too for THAT matter) can and do fall for and admire TONYA HARDING indicates just how far down weve fallen.

Standard Message #: 1196
Subject: The Dan Patrick Show
From: Dan Patrick,  48 yrs
Date: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 @4:15 PM pacific time

Your interview on the Dan Patrick radio show was one of the funniest things Ive ever heard. He still regularly plays your alltime comment Im not going to make a skeptical [sic] of my boxing career. Also the segment that will forever be known as Talk to Paul is impossibly hilarious. No one could ever plan something as perfect as that debacle. looking forward to the next fight in your nonskeptacular boxing career.

Standard Message #: 1195
Subject: What a bitch
From: Nina Salema,  30 yrs
Date: Tuesday, October 05, 2004 @12:55 PM pacific time

How can you guys admire so much such a bitch She is evil she is disgusting she is ths shame of sports. Next to talented and HONEST skaters out there this Tonya bitch is crap!!!!

Standard Message #: 1192
Subject: olympic's costume
From: pug payne ,  68 yrs
Date: Thursday, September 23, 2004 @12:55 PM pacific time

a seamtress in the portland oregon area made a skating costume special for tonya for olympics. why didnt she wear it and what happened to it there was much contact back and forth with measurements and it being sleeveless. several people put in a great deal of time in order to get it there on time. the dress did not look like a style tonya would wear but it was a beautiful dress.

Standard Message #: 1191
Subject: Birthday afternoon
From: blizzard,  30 yrs
Date: Friday, September 17, 2004 @9:51 PM pacific time

It was my birthday and so a couple of my friends decided to take me to an ice skating rink. The rink had a huge area to skate and it was understandly cool.Funky music was on the speaker It sounded like Disney music well everyone was on the ice I finally got my skates on and was on the ice all of a sudden the lights lowered and there were colored strobe ligths dancing around the ice well I was so nervous I knew I would fall all of a sudden I begin to slide when someone grabed me and got me in their arms I was going around the ice very fast then the lights came back on I looked and saw Tonya you scare me she said stll holding my arm ;thank you for catching me Tonya we turned into a place to rest I sit down she asked my name Jessie I said well Jessie you need to learn a few things and she begin to coach me on ice skating and she talked me into going back out with her the Disney music started again the lights went low but Tonya and were skating arm in arm laughing backwords she was a fantasic skater she would dance lift one leg and skate almost seemd to fly in the air at times one time she did jump and landed in the middle of the ice she laughed out loud and then skated over to me and skated with me again. We had a marvalous time then it seemed to end too quickly the celeberity she is she ahd to go My friends who had been watching us came over to us Tonya was very kind and mature she shook hands signed autographs made small talk they all appreciated her. I walked her out where a limo was waiting for her Jessie I enjoyed this Tonya thank you so much she put one arm around me and gave a kiss on the check and hugged me in this moment I realized that though she is famous rich she is almost human I hugged her tight the moment was special for both of us then she sit down in her limo and left The day been memorable the best birthday present ever an afternoon with TONYA.

Standard Message #: 1190
Subject: The woman deserves a 2nd chance...
From: Teak,  24 yrs
Date: Sunday, September 12, 2004 @4:23 PM pacific time

After 10 years I still feel that Tonya deserves a 2nd chance in the world of skating. What a life this woman has lived! While what happened to Ms. Kerrigan a decade ago was indeed horrific Ive always felt that the incident had more to do with Tonya being associated with the wrong people than Tonya herself. I never could understand why Tonya would want Nancy to be out of competition. Personally I found Tonyas speed and jumping much more interesting than Nancys elegance. Nancy has long since moved on (though Im sure the memories of the attack will always linger in some capacity) so shouldnt the rest of the world Tonya can obviously still skate and still has a love for the sport so I believe another chance should be given to her. Tonya has more than paid for her mistakes and so what if many skating fans dont feel she should be allowed to skate!

Standard Message #: 1189
Subject: Coaching
From: elisa9999,  32 yrs
Date: Sunday, September 05, 2004 @4:53 PM pacific time

I have a six year old that started skating about 1 12 years ago. When I watch some of the videos of you skating I can see so much simularities between you and my little girl skating. She is Freestyle 6 in ISI and has just started competeting in USFSA. She has 9 first place medals and 3 second place medals. I wish that you would be able to coach because I would love to have you coach her. She is about 14 of a rotation off on landing her axel and she skates about 5 times a week. We live in Vancouver WA so if you would like to see her let me know by emailing and I will let you know when she will skate next. I found a video of your axel and played it over and over again and that is what got her doing her axel right. Thanks

Standard Message #: 1188
Subject: Reply to message #1004
From: Miki,  53 yrs
Date: Sunday, August 29, 2004 @11:31 AM pacific time

Right on Cleo!! Thanks! Not to go into a whole big schpiel about this since everybody here KNOWS how I feel about the whole HardingKerrigan thing but I agree that Tonya shouldve spent some time in the slammer for what she did.

Standard Message #: 1187
Subject: Nancy Kerrigan
From: Cleo Simmons,  19 yrs
Date: Friday, August 27, 2004 @2:30 PM pacific time

I think it is scandalous that Tonya let one of her ugly boyfriends beat up Nancys leg I understand she felt threatend by Nancy beautyfull style but such a low act is the most stupid thing she could do she should be sentenced to prison for the rest of her life. Im sorry my english is not that well otherwise I could go on till the 1000 words were finished but I dont want to spend more time on her while I can send nice and friendly emails to someone who desurves them someone like Nancy (I know Im late but better late than never!)

Standard Message #: 1186
Subject: stand tall
From: Björn Larsson,  41 yrs
Date: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 @10:37 AM pacific time

I´m sure you have got your share of the bad things in life but remember there´s a lot of people out here who think´s you are a girl who have had a lot of bad luck and surely deserve more keep your spirit high and keep on beliving in yourself.!

Best wishes

Björn Sweden

Standard Message #: 1185
Subject: tonya's music
From: alex,  24 yrs
Date: Saturday, August 21, 2004 @8:35 AM pacific time

Dear Linda

Do you know what the music was that Tonya chose for her final performance, or what music in general she skated to I would love to know. thanks!

Standard Message #: 1183
Subject: Suppoter/Admirer
From: RockandRollFan,  44 yrs
Date: Thursday, August 19, 2004 @1:56 PM pacific time

I thought what happened to Nancy was wrong but I truely belive that you had little or NO knowledge of it. Turns out that most people I know think of her as the bitch now! Anyway I really enjoy seeing you and hearing you talk about how you are fighting to move forward with your life. Please know that I am a total admirer and know that we will probably never meet but I can dream cant I

Standard Message #: 1182
Subject: Old Fan
From: Rick Menz,  58 yrs
Date: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 @8:12 AM pacific time

I am from Vancouver Washington. I followed your career. I watched you at the mall skating to the joy of all the kids. You brought happiness to so many people. Please remember that.

Standard Message #: 1181
Subject: Tonya
From: Edward,  39 yrs
Date: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 @5:50 AM pacific time

Hi TonyaI think youre a very beautiful woman and I feel you were treated unfairly by the figureskating industry.I have always supported you and always will.You have plenty to be proud of.Your many fans stand behind you and support you.God blessI wish you the best.

Standard Message #: 1180
From: TAMI YOUNG,  36 yrs
Date: Monday, August 16, 2004 @11:52 PM pacific time


Standard Message #: 1178
Subject: show your clam
From: boner harding,  61 yrs
Date: Sunday, August 15, 2004 @2:53 PM pacific time

you should get naked again we need to see you doing the old in and out. that would rule. and skate naked. my fantasy is for you and kerringan to do cunniligulis now that would kick ass and also slap nancys ass with a pizza paddle.

Standard Message #: 1177
Subject: I love kerrigan.. oops harding
From: detroit man,  33 yrs
Date: Friday, August 13, 2004 @9:56 AM pacific time

Those dull eyes those broad shoulders the white trash nose ahh what a lump ofbeauty it was so funny to watch get tonya get pummeld on TV then she gets knocked the *%$ out a fitting end to a career thrown away by lies and jelousy. will tonya go the way of Dana Plato and do porn I dont think reg. porn but maybe Tranvestite porn She has lost her looks and has a manly stocky build. but I do still have a copy of the wedding night video but the saggy breasts are disturbing. hooray tonya you are a class act! low class!

Standard Message #: 1176
Subject: Tonya, I accept your apology
From: TimKarr,  37 yrs
Date: Thursday, August 12, 2004 @10:27 AM pacific time

Dear Tonya: On Wednesday August 11th 2004 I saw your story on The E! True Hollywood Story regarding the whole skating incident and how it has changed your life. In this segment you apologized to the world and to many individuals but you are still shunned by many. I was just writing to say that I accept your apology and that I wish you luck in your future endeavors. Tim

Standard Message #: 1175
Subject: Documentary
From: Leslie,  40 yrs
Date: Thursday, August 12, 2004 @8:16 AM pacific time

Not sure if Tonya ever reads thesebut I just watched a show on the Entertainment channel and it covered all the events and interviews around the Olympics. Tonya what seemed to come across to me is that you were unaware of what they had did and when you became suspicious because his behavior gave it away you were taken and raped by them. I am horrible sorry if this is what happened of course you were in horrible truama at the time amazing you made it to the Olympics it is a sick shame if this is what happened and now they are out and living free lives (karma will get them) Hope you get to skate lots again.

Standard Message #: 1174
Subject: I Have An Idea Tanya!
From: dromance21,  46 yrs
Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 @1:24 PM pacific time

To Tonya Harding: If you would like to be involved in the area of figure skating I know how you can do this and not have a problem with the hypocrites from the Skating Association.

Sincerely DRomance21

Standard Message #: 1173
Subject: Tonya's a fighter
From: Jenna Lee,  37 yrs
Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 @1:10 PM pacific time

Tonya I too saw the E! story and it brought back a lot of memories and drama from that time. I was very impressed by your fighting spirit and always believed your story. I think its unfortunate that so few do. I mean people with much worse crimes than those which youve been accused of have been able to reenter society. Best of luck in all your endeavors.

Standard Message #: 1171
Subject: a touch of hope
From: Arturo L. Gonzalez,  52 yrs
Date: Monday, August 02, 2004 @4:17 PM pacific time


Standard Message #: 1170
Subject: i wanna fight
From: oppiehe,  40 yrs
Date: Thursday, July 29, 2004 @4:58 PM pacific time

July 29 2004

Good Afternoon:

Ive written to your fan club and asked to forward the message. My name is Kathleen CUP Hernandez and I wanna challenge you in the ring. I am a professional BOUNTY HUNTER and fighting you be my next adventure.

I grew up in Reno Nv. and I know the DOLLARS that this BIG event would make for the both of us.

Sincerely yours

Kathleen CUP Hernandez 6513408430

Webmaster Comment: We don't much care for Bounty Hunters; the only good 'n is a dead 'n. Put that in your cup.

Standard Message #: 1169
Subject: you really cool
From: roguesyth71,  33 yrs
Date: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 @12:24 PM pacific time


Just wanted to say I think youre cool. I mean I could give a crap about whats her name and Im glad you have kept going and not give this crap a second thought. I for one think your were cute and I wont mind meeting you one day. Keep up the good work hope you another match in Los Angeles some day soon. take care.

Standard Message #: 1168
Subject: It's too bad, but TONYA got what wa
From: Miki,  53 yrs
Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2004 @3:08 PM pacific time

Even though I really have little to no sympathy for Tonya Harding I must admit that before everything that happened 10 years ago with Nancy Kerrigan and all that she definitely WAS one of the top figure skaters and the fact that she battled a roughandtough past in order to get there would ordinarily earn my respect. However given the fact that she was so eager to win at all costs that she ended up having a rival competitor removed by force hereby totally derailing her career I really cannot support her much less admire TONYA at all. To put it this way: TONYA was definitely one of the best and certainly more INTERESTING than most skaters and was literally on the cusp of being a world champion and its a real shame that she threw all that away in a fraction of the time that it took her to get to where she was and that she resorted to boxing which is definitely NOT her thing. I saw a picture of her on the ice this past February and I believe that things are NEVER EVER going to be the same with her no matter what. Although its unfortunate she had it coming to her.

Standard Message #: 1166
Subject: go tonya!
From: Johan,  21 yrs
Date: Friday, July 16, 2004 @3:47 AM pacific time

Hello there Tonya I have a question. Can´t you get going with the porn industry instead I saw your homevideos it looked great even if it is a couple of years old. Go Tonya!

Webmaster Comment: What are you, a moron? That was over ten years ago. Get a grip!

Standard Message #: 1165
Subject: Love to have dinner with you!!!
From: SevenSigns7,  53 yrs
Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2004 @4:36 AM pacific time

Know you have had hard and even bad have I..

Im a former NASA Mechanical have a 123 acre farm in Tennessee.. Im a Christian..

Would love to meet and talk with you

If you have the XXX3976916 collect if you wish.. thank you for your time

Phillip C

Webmaster Comment: I removed part of the phone number. We don't konow who you are and it should be obvious phone numbers are not allowed.

Standard Message #: 1164
Subject: look alike
From: Bellew,  36 yrs
Date: Saturday, July 10, 2004 @4:31 PM pacific time

This is going to sound so complete wierd but until that whole Olympic thing I didnt know she exsisted. When the Olympics were getting close and her picture was everywhere people kept giving me pictures saying we looked alikeright down to pictures of when we were little. I would get stopped in the street etc. I now have a daughter who is 4 and she looks exactly like me and its uncanny. I would love to be able to communicate in some way with Tonya to share this. Like I said its actually really wierd the resemblance. I dont want to list my phone address etc. here but if you could somehow respond on your web page where I could send pictures to her that would be great.

Standard Message #: 1163
Subject: Boxing
From: Paul,  51 yrs
Date: Friday, July 09, 2004 @9:17 PM pacific time

Sorry you wife is 51 128 almost 50 been boxing for 6 years..frankly I think shed kick your ass shes got the same build as you with a lot of to see that match someday!

good luck

Standard Message #: 1161
Subject: great job.
From: O.J. simson,  54 yrs
Date: Sunday, July 04, 2004 @11:31 AM pacific time

Who ever is running this sight has put Tonya in a bad light. Like many of us has been strung up a tree by the media they have filled the heads of super dumb people how dont see any fearther than ABC Sports and the Fox networks those people have lost there credibility a long time ago thats why no one listens to or watches them anymore but like them this person has also put Tonya in a bad light too. 1.Why would you put a video of Tonya singing when you can clearly hear people booing in the background. 2.why show Tonya in pictures that show her looking pritty bad.

Dont you know that she is a SUPER STAR If this is her website then shower her with love and show her in a better light.

One day I too would love to make love to the thick legged mrs Tonya Harding. I can truly imagin my huge man meat slitting them thighs MMmm sweet white meat. but I digress. gimme that fine buttock mrs Harding I know you wond be diapointed.

Webmaster Comment: Talk about super dumb people, you come off as a a moron, low class, can't spell, can't write, can't contribute anything but the same old crap, a broken record over and over again. You have no originality. If I were you I'd simply end it all, place a pistol in my mouth and pull the trigger. Have someone leave us another mesage when that happens. It'll be a real hoot!

Standard Message #: 1160
Subject: I just can't make up my mind
From: Double D,  44 yrs
Date: Thursday, July 01, 2004 @5:09 PM pacific time

So this is pretty interesting. Do I put a message here and say why is it that Mike Tyson is convicted of rape bit off part of Holyfields ear and still gets yet another chance to fight for millions How many chances have Darryl Strawberry Robert Downey John Daley and many others received Good luck to you Tonya I hope someday you get the 2nd chance that so many others have been given who did much worse things. Or should I go to the fantasy page typing with one hand and jerking with the other Never thought Id be able to find so many losers in one place.

Webmaster Comment: Yes, and now you're one of them.

Standard Message #: 1159
Subject: sorry fot th fight
From: rick,  30 yrs
Date: Thursday, July 01, 2004 @3:21 PM pacific time

hi tonya im a guy by the wayslike all the guys here im crazy in love with ufeel really sad about the fight in Edmontonu deserve so much better.Im so afraid for uthat one day u could get hurt badly.u should stop boxingand make movie insteadu are the most beautifull women and u a are so intelligentu got the most beautifull smileit will be the perfect fit.It is such a waste to let fight such a fine and beautifull women like u.anywayswhat ever u decidei will still be your cheerleader #1pleaseu should have a fan club. Go TONYA go

Webmaster Comment: You must be ten years old. Tonya loves kids. But please learn to write kiddo.

Standard Message #: 1158
Subject: stupid
From: may,  14 yrs
Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 @11:09 AM pacific time

tonya harding what can you say she is just plain stupid she had great things going for her but she had to to be stupid and hurt nancy karrigan I have skated were tonya skated as a girl and all my coaches said she would of won in the end if she wasnt stupid she wasnt fair I also think she has an attitude problem and it shows in her skating which is just plainly dull to watch I have more talent then her and I have been skating for 2 years now my coach thinks I have a bright future. shame to you tonya Live on nancy!

Webmaster Comment: Your coach must be a child molester, or an idiot, or both.

Standard Message #: 1157
Subject: your recent fight
From: BLANCA,  39 yrs
Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 @9:44 AM pacific time

You fought an unknown fighter that Thumped you. You didnt make weight and probably never would have in Oakland either. You are out of shape a shitty boxer and a liar. Your manager is a scumbag who is making you a media circus. But one thing atleast you are making money getting your ass kicked. Come back to the bay area and get your ass kicked here. You would have been better off fighting me you fool. P.S. Tell your mgr Paul Brown that contesting the decision is ridiculous. He is a major dope!

Standard Message #: 1156
From: BEN,  34 yrs
Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 @1:21 AM pacific time


Standard Message #: 1155
Subject: Tonya Reinstated
From: Intactu,  62 yrs
Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 @6:56 PM pacific time

Tonya should be reinstatedand all bands removed! She is a great skater better that some on the ice right now! She paid for her mistakes. Bring her back if not as a skater as an expert announcer for the competition. She is Great!

Standard Message #: 1154
Subject: Get over it
From: ubnhad,  33 yrs
Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 @11:54 AM pacific time

Get a real job Tonya. You took advantage of your celebrity tried to physically remove the only obstacle in American Figure skating to your shot at the Olympics when you should have realized that you simply didnt have enopugh talent to win in the first place. Get over yourself and get a real job.

Standard Message #: 1153
Subject: someone to lean on
From: bulld0g66,  37 yrs
Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 @10:29 AM pacific time

Was married 10 years ago to an up and coming figure skater who fell short of her dreams. Sad but funny thing was we knew each other for two years before we got married then we married in Vegas and moved to florida. The marriage was over in 40 days. Have been following you off and on in the media and saw you on E just after your fight the you looked great in but lost to that beast ha ha. I live in Orange County Calif. the good part!!!! You get alot of mail! Just thought I would see if this would actually reach you and offer you an honest shoulder to lean on. If your ever in the area and would like to meet a few of your closest down to earth admirers and enjoy some beach bar b Q send me a line. Hope the best for you. Dont give up on Life your worth it!

Standard Message #: 1152
Subject: second chance
From: carly,  12 yrs
Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 @8:33 AM pacific time

i think that tonya harding deserves a second chance I believe that she didnt do anything wrong and they should let her skate again she is being criticized more than the man who acually hurt nancy kerrigan he is not bieng punished and she is being punished for a lifetime and that is just not fair

Standard Message #: 1151
Subject: Congrats
From: Silveralex,  28 yrs
Date: Monday, June 28, 2004 @3:35 AM pacific time

Hello there just to let you know you have supporters here in the UK too theres something about gutsy underdogs who keep getting back up after lifes falls that strikes a cord with us. Carry on the good fight and dont let the b*****ds get you down. Yours Alex PS the fact that youre a fit blonde has nothing to do with it nope not at all

Standard Message #: 1150
Subject: Edmonton Fight Results
From: Harding Boxing Fan,  21 yrs
Date: Sunday, June 27, 2004 @2:49 PM pacific time

I hope Tonyas 3rd round TKO loss in Edmonton doesnt appear as great a loss as portrayed by the media.

Tonya moved up to Lightweight and gave up both height and reach advantage to undefeated Amy Johnson. Despite these disadvantages she landed a right hook which sent Johnson to the canvas during the second round. Although she was unable to withstand Johnsons barrage of punches in the third round she clearly demonstrated that she is an improved fighter.

For Tonyas sake its better to prove herself in a loss to a quality opponent than win a majority decision against an opponent with no prior boxing experience.

Standard Message #: 1148
Subject: tonya is the best figure skater eve
From: mike,  42 yrs
Date: Saturday, June 26, 2004 @8:07 PM pacific time

even if nancy kerrigan was healthy. I truly feel she would have never beaten tonya anyways. tonya is by far the greatest figure skater this world will ever see and I truly believe if she gets reinstated she will be number one again! her talent is unmatchable.

Standard Message #: 1147
Subject: Chachimani
From: Chachi,  30 yrs
Date: Saturday, June 26, 2004 @6:34 PM pacific time

DA Chach here normally I reside over at the double dog site but Im taking time outa my busy day to post here! Mostly I like to chat about the double dog Dustin Diamond and talk about a sweet movie I might make called Fart Patrol! My reason for being here is that I think Tonya should be in more movies. She should replace Julia Roberts in Oceans Twelve and should also replace Hermaine in the Harry Potter movies. With such class and grace Tonya could have an Oscar next spring!!! Whos with me

Standard Message #: 1146
Subject: Boxing
From: Dimbydoyne,  66 yrs
Date: Saturday, June 26, 2004 @11:01 AM pacific time


Way to go. (I grew up poor and with alcoholic father.) For you to rise to the heights you rose to in skating I admire. Boxing okay but I worry that you are going to get damages in this sport. But I know you gotta do what you have to do.

You go girl!

I did not like what happened but I am willing to believe it was not your doing. I think banning you from skating is terrible.

I believe the skate world is a dog eat dog world and that is what should be emphasized. Watch who manages you and any accountants keep a eye on everything someone suggests you do and understand your financials. Keep a clear head. But girl you go get them!

By the way I and many people do not like Nancy and her poor little rich girl image.

Sincerely One who followed your skating career

All the best to you.

Standard Message #: 1145
Subject: Tonya and her career
From: Ralph,  51 yrs
Date: Saturday, June 26, 2004 @10:21 AM pacific time

Hi Tonya hi everybody

I always felt really sad about Tonya. I think she is an athlete with exceptional abilities. What she made 10 years ago this was wrong though I am sure her portion in that wrong was very limited and there were wrong people around her. In the meantime I do remember that time. For some reason it was decided (not clear by who) that Nancy is favorite for the Team USA and everybody in a media started comparing supporting Nancy though it was very clear that Tonya had much better skating ability. For not clear reasons Tonya was placed in a shadow just before that scandal took place. I think that at that time it was considered that Europe does not have goodknown skaters and a very average figure skater Nancy could win the title. But this did not happen and could happen because as all of us could see Nancy was very easily beaten by Oksana (she was not even close as good as Oksana was.

After that Tonya Harding became just a bad name in sports or just a bad name. But she was great beautiful woman and terrific athlete. I felt all these years sorry about her and proud about her that she tries to find her way to fight back to make her life.

She needs our support. She is still beautiful hot and full of energy

Standard Message #: 1144
From: Sergei,  36 yrs
Date: Saturday, June 26, 2004 @6:40 AM pacific time

Hi Tonya

I saw a clip of your recent fight and I felt sorry for you and ashamed for your trainer because he put you in a position to become a heavy bag. If youre interested in learning how to fight to win I can definitely help you with that. Please checkout my website at

Standard Message #: 1143
Subject: Your Life
From: eric,  39 yrs
Date: Saturday, June 26, 2004 @3:00 AM pacific time

Hello Stop the freak life please. Get a normal job and settle down. Your not doing yourself or anyone else any good. Ok Please. GLHmm ok here your probing board wants 30 words soooooo. No income surprisingpenis size perhaps *chuckles* 7is that 30 lets see

Standard Message #: 1142
Subject: Keep hoping for better things, Tony
From: Bruce,  44 yrs
Date: Saturday, June 26, 2004 @12:18 AM pacific time

First I want to say how much I enjoyed watching Tonya skate in years past. I dont know if Ive ever seen a female figure skater that combined grace and athletic power the way you did. I recently read in a magazine called The Week that Tonya has essentially given up on guys and ever hoping to find someone who loves her for herself rather than the image people have created for her. All I can say is she should never give up on love. Like myself (and all of us) shes made mistakes. Unlike all of us shes had to pay a very public price for them. Thats bound to hurt anyone. I know Ive felt badly for what the media has done to her the past decade (and Im a member of the media) but Im also glad to see that a lot of people support her here.

Hang in there Tonyakeep believing in yourself never stop being true to yourself and dont give up on finding someone wholl stand by you because they love YOU instead of loving the attention they get by being with you. Never let go of your dreams because our dreams define us they are ours alone and nobody can take them away from us unless we let them. When I was in my teens I let a couple people get inside my head and convince me to give up radio and it took 14 years (14 FREAKIN YEARS!) to give it another try and not let people like that derail me again. Ive spent the last 10 years making a living doing something Id dreamed of doing since second grade. If I can turn it around so can you. In the end it doesnt matter how many people believe in youyou have to believe in yourself.

Take care Bruce

P.S. By the way one of those people who told me Id never make it in radio was the program director at a station in Western Washington when I started my career with a nearby station. His station had beaten us in the ratings the year before I started. After my first year I was beating his station in the ratings by a 6to1 margin and no doubt cost him advertising dollars.

Standard Message #: 1141
Subject: cheerleaders #1
From: rick,  30 yrs
Date: Thursday, June 24, 2004 @3:44 PM pacific time

Hi I was just wondering if Tonya had a fan clubi would love to be a part of iti think tonya is superbe womanbeautifuu and intelligent and she got so much talenti would like to knowso I could suscribeand where could I get a poster with her signature on itthank you very very much.rick

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